Just A Celebritty Crush? ~A 1D Fanfic

Mikhayla Tomlinson the famous rapper is Louis Tomlinsons Twin sister. Yes I said twin. She has the same birthday and every thing. She is a world wide famous rapper. What happens when she was about to go on tour with One Direction. Will Louis keep her away from the boys? Or will Mikhayla find her way to one boys heart?


1. Characters

Mikhayla Tomlinson

Hello people! Yes its me, i know im Louis Tomlinsons sister. Heres some stuff about me!!!

Fave Colour: Neon Pink or Lime Green

Fave Animal: Dogs (i have a yorkshier terrier to!)

Hair Colour: Blonde with Dark Purple streeks in it

Eye Colour: a Beautiful ocean blue with some bright blue

What I usually Where: Summer: short shorts (any colour) with a loose tank or loose t-shirt, a snap back and converse nd my ray bans

Fall: skinny jeans, or leggins. combat boots, beanie, loose t-shirt and nice comfy but loose sweater, and my ray bans (They have line green arms!!)

Winter: Sweats, slippers or fuzzy boots, warm tops and sweaters, scarfs, beanies an dmy ray bans.

Spring: Jeggings, combat boots or converse, t-shirt with light sweater, beanie, and my ray bans.

Thxx i got to go rehearse noww thank youuu!!


Jason Smith

Hello people!!!!! I am MIkhaylas drummer! I kinda have a small crush on her but dont tell her. heres some stuff about me!

fave colour: Purple

Fave animal: Poloar bear

Hair colour: Bleech blonde (like nialls but without the brown roots)

Eye colour: Gray-blue

i usually just wear a jacket and jeans all year round except in summer, i wear a t-shirt.


Melenie Brown

HIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! i am mikhaylas lead gitarists. i am her best friend. other than jason. here is some stuff about me:

Fave colour: Pink or magenta

fave animal: Cats

Hair colour: brown with blue tips

Eye colour: light brown

i usually where preety much the same thing as mikhayla.

i have to go rehearse some more with mikhayla and jason byeeee!!!











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