You're Famous, I'm Not *Complete*

Amber and Emily's famliy's decided to go on a trip to London. In February, the week of and after Valentine's Day. If being in an amazing city is enough. The run into 2/5 of the world's biggest boy band.
*Just to make it clear, I (Directioner4Life<3) write most, if not all of the chapters. My co-writers are there for help. If I don't update everyday, don't worry. Sorry for this little rant.*


45. Texting, Oh Texting

We walk into our hotel room, and the second we walk in, my phone goes off. I take it out and check it. First, I see the time. Which is 6:55. Then I check my texts. The text is from Harry. It reads, "Hey babe. ;)"

"Hey" I text back.

"Can't wait to see you Monday."

"Me either."

"Back at Louis's place."


"Well, I've got to go. Got a busy day tomorrow."

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye babe."

I put my phone down. Then plop down on my bed. Emily does the same thing. "Can't wait 'till Monday," Emily says.

"Me either."

"What are we going to do to pass the time?"

"Our parents probably have something planed."

"You're probably right."

"I'm really beat after today. And hungry."

"Let's eat then go to bed."

"Okay." And we do just that.

When I fall asleep, I end with what Harry and I might become. But I just don't know what we'll become. Does he really like me, or is he just being nice. My mind always goes for the first one. 

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