You're Famous, I'm Not *Complete*

Amber and Emily's famliy's decided to go on a trip to London. In February, the week of and after Valentine's Day. If being in an amazing city is enough. The run into 2/5 of the world's biggest boy band.
*Just to make it clear, I (Directioner4Life<3) write most, if not all of the chapters. My co-writers are there for help. If I don't update everyday, don't worry. Sorry for this little rant.*


26. Talking Of Valentine's Day

I look over at Emily and see her still on the phone. So I turn on the TV. It's 'Pawn Stars'.

"Thanks mom. Love you," I hear Emily say.

I look back over at her. She hangs up and looks at me. "You first," I say.

"She said yes."

"So did my mom."

"Yes!" we both say.

''What are we going to do?" Emily asks.

"Let's just walk around. With a map of course. Can you read a map?"

"Yeah. Can you."



"Don't hate. Maps are stupid."

"Hey, don't hate."

"Whatever. I say we shop a little too."

"That sounds good."

"Maybe even find a music store."

"That would be great."

"Anything else you can think of?" I yawn.

"Um, going to bed?''

"Sounds like a good idea." I turn the TV off.

"Goodnight Amber."

"Night night, Emily."

And then I fall sleep.

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