You're Famous, I'm Not *Complete*

Amber and Emily's famliy's decided to go on a trip to London. In February, the week of and after Valentine's Day. If being in an amazing city is enough. The run into 2/5 of the world's biggest boy band.
*Just to make it clear, I (Directioner4Life<3) write most, if not all of the chapters. My co-writers are there for help. If I don't update everyday, don't worry. Sorry for this little rant.*


16. Let's Do Some Homework

*The Next Morning*

I wake up to the sound of rain pelting the window. Then a crash of lightning makes me sit straight up in bed. I look to the right, and see Emily is the same as me. After a few seconds, she looks at me. She smiles; I smile back. Then I turn on the lamp.

"Couldn't sleep?" Emily asks.

"Actually, I just woke up. And that crash of thunder scared the crap out of me.''

"Well, now that we're up,"

"We can start on our homework," I finish her sentence.


We both get out of bed and walk over to our computers. Both of us turn them on, and wait. "So, did you have sweet dreams?" I ask.

"No, I didn't dream at all."

"Neither did I."

"Too bad."

"You know, I hope it doesn't rain like this tomorrow. On our birthdays." Emily and I are practically twins. I'm older by two hours and 36 minutes. We were both born at the same hospital, too.

"Yeah, that would suck."

Our computers get to the log-in screen. We both log-in.

"What should we do first?" Emily asks.

"What has the most work?'' I answer with a question.

"Um," She looks down her screen. "Looks like math."

"Then math it is."

"I'll get some snacks." Emily goes to the kitchen, then the cabniet, then the fridge, and comes back with pop, wheat thins, and many other things.

I smile, "Let us begin."

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