You're Famous, I'm Not *Complete*

Amber and Emily's famliy's decided to go on a trip to London. In February, the week of and after Valentine's Day. If being in an amazing city is enough. The run into 2/5 of the world's biggest boy band.
*Just to make it clear, I (Directioner4Life<3) write most, if not all of the chapters. My co-writers are there for help. If I don't update everyday, don't worry. Sorry for this little rant.*


51. Back To Normal

*Back At My House*

We've been home for quite a while. Everything's unpacked. Emily's at my house, while Autumn's at her's with Sabrina. Right now we're in my room. It has bunk beds, just like her room. We live right across the cal-de-sac from each other. Our rooms look pretty much exactly the same. Which we did on purpose. It's pretty cool, to be honest.

Since it's still pretty early her, we are going to go visit Kyle. He's home from school now.

We walk out of my room, all bundled up, and go to the front door. My dad is in the living room and sees us. "Where are you girls going?"

"On a walk," I answer.

"Okay, don't be out too long."

"We won't," and then we walk out.

Kyle's house is in the same neighborhood as us. Just a few blocks away. After a few minutes, we make it to his house. I ring the doorbell, and a few seconds later, the door opens. The opener is Kyle. "Amber!" he says.

"Hi Kyle," I say.


"Hello Kyle," Emily says.

"Do you girls want to come in? Hang out."

"No thank you. We just wanted to come by and say hi," I say.

"Okay. Maybe we can hang out soon."

"Yeah, next week. Okay?"


"Well, bye."

"Bye," he closes the door.

Emily and I start walking back to my house. "Well, now what?" Emily asks.

"I don't know."


On Saturday we hung out, resting. Sunday, we went to church. And today, it's school. Lunch to be more precise. Sitting at my table. Telling everyone of the trip. Leaving out all the One Direction stuff. Everything's going good. Kyle's even sitting at my table. Then Caitlyn walks up. 

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