Caught My Eye

Sophia Grace Lived A Happy Life. She Fell In Love With Austin Mahone. And This Is Their Story.


3. Fireflies

You wouldn't believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies lit up the night as i fell asleep, cause they fill the open air, and leave tear drops everywhere..



~ A Week Later ~


After the concert, i couldnt stop thining about Austin. He really made me relise that I could never be weirded out more. I heard my phone buzz next to me. "Austin Your Biffle." The Contact said. I decided on weither on not to answer. Yes, I could embarass myself. Or No, i could totally miss a good opertunity. I quickly pressed 'Accept.'


"Hey, Is This Sophia.?" Austin Asked.

"Nope. This Is Her Dog." I replied, laughing.

'Shud ahp." He Said.

"So Whats Up, Mr. Popstar?" I Asked.

"Nothing Really, I just spotted a cute girl while i was performing, and i wanted to take her out on a date." He replied.

I frowned, Had He Already Moved On from that little "fling" Or whatever it was..

"Oh." I replied.

"Its You, Dumby." He Said.

I felt myself grin.

:"really?" I asked.

"Yep!" He Laughed, "ill be outside your house in two minutes." He said.

"How do you know where i-"

The line was dead.


 Well, considering it was one in the morning, i was staying in my Pj's.

 I heard a knock on my window.

 i opened it.

"AUSTIN?"  I whispered, loudly.


"How In The Name Of Bill Do You Know Where I Live? You Know How Fricking Creepy That Is?" I asked.

"I Know People. Are you coming out or not?" He asked.

"Im Coming."

i slid out of my window and grabbed his hand.

"Why should i trust you, after i only met you a week ago."

"and?" He asked.

"YOU COUD BE A RAPIST?" I whispered.

"Im Not a rapist" He said, laughing.

"thats what all the rapists say, weirdo." I laughed.

"trust me, Im not one." He laughed.

 I smiled.

"then lead the way, creep." I said.

He pulled me over to a giant willow tree, surronded by fireflies.

"this is magical." I said.


And It Was.







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