Caught My Eye

Sophia Grace Lived A Happy Life. She Fell In Love With Austin Mahone. And This Is Their Story.


4. D.N.A.

Its In His Dna, D-D-D-Dna With Every word he'll say, thats what makes a man, Not hard to understand, hey eyeh, its in his d.n.a..



Austin's Hand Enterwind with mine as we walked through the night air, It was cool outside, especially for summer, in California.

"I really enjoyed tonight," i said, as fireflies circled us.

"Me too." He Said, Smiling.

I smiled.

"I should get inside." I said.

"Wait," He said,

"Hmm.??" I asked.

"Can I Kiss You?" He Asked.

I nodded Shly.

His Lips Crashed Against Mine, It wa Rough, Yet Soft And Light. I felt the static as he pulled away.

"Wow." I said, breathless.

"yeah." He blushed.

'see You Later?" I asked.

"Yeah." He turned to walk away.

"Wait." I called.

"Hm??" He Asked.

"See You Later, Mr. Popstar."




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