Caught My Eye

Sophia Grace Lived A Happy Life. She Fell In Love With Austin Mahone. And This Is Their Story.


2. Aftermath


After singing "say your just a friend" i decided to answer some fan's questions, as i scanned the crowd i caught a girls eye. she looked away after a few seconds, looking to to girls next to her.The girls squealed. She Laughed and focused her attention back to me.i smiled and leaned the Microphone down to her.

"Question?" i asked.

"Sure, Why Are you so Hot?" she Asked.

I could almost feel myself blushing.

"Oh.. Um.." I stuttered.

She smirked.

the fans "ouhhhhhhed." 

"Im Kidding," She laughed, "Whats your favorite thing about performing?'' She asked.

"meeting all my Mahomies." I said.

the Mahomies cheered.

She nodded and i moved onto the next person. i was about to ask her a question, but my manager came out. 

"Sorry ladies, but that's all the time we have." 

I was pulled off stage. i grabbed my diguise and threw it on. I Made my way around the stage and into the crowd. I needed to find that girl. i saw towards the front of the stage. I grabed her hand and pulled her through the crowd.

"HELP. HELPPPP." She yelled.

"Sh, sh, its me, Austin." I silenced her.

"Oh.." was all she said. 

I pulled her backstage. the body guards didn't even Look. Jesus. 

"What do you want?" She asked.

"you know millions of girls would want to be in your place,right?" i asked.

'Sure, Whatever." she spat.

" i just wanted your number." 

She handed me her phone.

I entered my number, and typed my name in under 'Austin, Your Biffle." 

She laughed.



"ill Call You." i said.

"Sure." She Said.

"OH,  by the way." i said grabbing her wrist as she walked away.

"yeah?" she asked.

"Whats Your name?"

"Sophia." she replied.

"And y the way, Youre hot too." I winked.

"Shut it." she walked away.

Something about her. She Was special.



Austin Mahone Gave Me his Number.   My fangirl cousins would be screaming their heads off by now. i walked back to the crowd. i spotted my cousins, they were to busy screaming over the One Direction Guys to notice. Ah, oh Well. Its not like i was going to tell them anything. Harry shot me a wink. What did i ever see in Harry Styles Anyways. The boys continued jumping around to one of their songs. While all i could think about was austin. I doubted he was even going to call me.





WOOHHH. CHAPTER TWOOO.' It rhymes. cx Lol, Anyways, Chapter two is up! And if you Already Havent, Check Out My Niall Horan Love Story, "Yours." And I Will Be Starting My Harry Styles One Shortly. Its called. "Everything About you."



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