Sinnett House.


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"Oh Alice look after yourself, do not fear this world" whispered Alice's mother into Alice's ear.

She brushed her hands through her thick long brown hair and kissed her head lightly. Alice  had nothing to say, her mother was to sick to look after her and it was said that she would dye within a few weeks. Alice never new her farther, but she didn't really mind. Alice was 18 and made out like she was fearless. But she wasn't. She was going to live in her own in a house that had been bought by her mother. "Darling i have to go i will miss my train," she said ,tears in her eyes. There were non in Alice's. Alice breathed deeply and smoothed out her black skirts, she picked up her case and walked out of the deserted train station. It was after ten o clock,an unpleasant chill filled the air. The sea crashed against the huge cliffs. The town was unwelcoming, the cottages looked empty with there blacked out windows. There must have been someone there for there were many sheets of parchment pinned up on the walls each one said: September 7th, in thick black ink. "Well this is tomorrow" thought Alice "Whatever is the matter with tomorrow" she murmured to herself. She turned around, her heart skipped a beat, an old woman stood behind her. Her bright blue eyes stood out from her black outfit.

"Good evening ma'am" began Alice still a little shaken "would you happen to know the way to Sinnett house?"

The woman turned around and started hobbling down a country path. Alice followed. Alice and the woman walked, Alice tried to make conversation to get the ghostly chill out of her. Alice felt like someone was walking straight through her, she shuddered as if trying to shake it out. The figure of a house was becoming clear it sat on the edge of the cliff vines twined round the window, everything was black. Alice squinted at the house, a light flickered in the window. "Its deserted" Alice kept telling herself.

Soon they came to the end of the path, two huge iron gates guarded the house, Alice was about to thank the old woman, her eyes turned dark and misty and she opened her mouth for the first time. "Stupid girl" she spat.  


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