Go To Sleep

((Jeff The Killer FanFic))
He's the murderer.
The eyes, the smile.
It's him alright.
Jeff is back.


3. She's Beautifully Ugly

Why I believed Jeff was after me, is something I can only hope to fathom. If he had so purposely wanted to spill my blood, then he'd have done it all them years ago. I sighed and rubbed at my face as the horrors of my childhood returned. I wasn't scared anymore. I used to be, but now, I was strong. I huddled my books close to my chest. I was the outcast here, the freak. Paranoid and ugly. So horribly ugly. I traced the scar that slashed down the left side of my face. Healed now, but still ugly. I was never going to rid myself of the reminder. No amount of makeup could hide its red crack. I cupped the left side of my face as I passed a group of boys and hung my head lower as the teasing arose. I stifled my tears and pulled my hair over my face to help hide it. I had wanted revenge. For both reasons, for so long. I had wanted him dead, or rotting in an asylum. But, now I only feared my imminent death and the taunting he did. The way he slipped into my dreams. Those words. Three simple words. Made me want to never do it again. 

Go to sleep. Something I can no longer do. 


I sat on a table by myself at lunch, Anabelle would smile over at me, but never sit with me. She was already cursed with sitting with me in class, never mind in her leisurely time. Poor kid. She was nice though, she cared, even though I only pulled her into insanity. I sighed again and left the food on my plate. I'd lost my hunger ever since those gory sights. I'd become unhealthy thin because of which.I forced some down sometimes, but I was always reminded of what had happened. I dumped the food in a nearby bin and pulled my hair over my face again. Stupid scar. Anywhere else, it'd be fine, but no, he had to hit the face. A kid with black hair walked past me, wearing a white hoodie, hood up covering his face. I screamed. Images flashing in front of my eyes. I kicked and crawled away as I hit the floor. The young boy ripped the hood from his head to see the commotion, shock and confusion on his face. His normal face. I let my head drop into my hands. The kid carried on walking. He had tanned skin, not burned white. He had blue eyes, not deathly black ones. He could close his, Jeff couldn't. I sobbed into my hands. What was I becoming? 


I left the school grounds and headed for the graveyard. It was an eerily creepy place. Especially in winter. No leaves on the trees, traces of melted snow wet the pavement and the grass. I slumped before one of the shared graves. 

"I'm sorry." I sobbed, rubbing at my tears. The last time I'd been here, I'd screamed my revenge to the couple. "I won't be so stupid. I'm not a killer." I itched at my scar. The wind rustled, knocking up some leaves and taking my hair with it. I tucked a strand behind my ear and closed my eyes. 

"I'm sorry mommy. Forgive me daddy." 






I came to my feet and kissed the tips of my fingers to touch them against the cold of the headstone. It was then that I felt the strangest of feelings. That that I was being watched. I slowly turned full 360 degrees to survey the area. 

"Are you there?" I whispered, my voice exiting as icy smoke in the lonely graveyard. The statues seemed to arch towards me, watching me with their stoney gaze. I rubbed my arms to try and warm myself. I turned to exit and took a step towards it. Strangely a step echoed mine. I stopped. Frozen. I slowly turned to face the farthest gate. My hair fluttered across my face, but I could still see the heart stopping sight before me. I did not scream. Nor did I panic. I simply let the depression hold my nerves. I stared over at the figure that stood watching me at the farthest point. He wore a white hoodie, though I couldn't see too well from this distance, it looked stained slightly. The hood was pulled up and made the spiky black hair edge into his face. Covering his eyes, and most of his lower face. I could tell the figure was a man, not only because of my familiarity with this individual, but because of his stance and figure. His hands were hidden in the front pouch of the hoodie and I knew all too well what was concealed there. I looked down, towards my parents grave and then looked back at the murderer. I faced him and bowed, my arm decorating the bow as it hung in the air. I regained my stance. A smile, unnaturally wide, even from this distance, peered through the hair that hid his face. 

"Sweet dreams I suppose it shall be Jeff." I called into the cold. He cocked his head, the omnibus smile remaining. "I'm afraid dear friend, that I cannot simply..."He took a step towards me, but I remained still.

"Go..." I continued, edging a little closer to the exit. Jeff took another step towards me, devilish smile cut onto his tilted face. 

"To..." I called, not letting my eyes leave the cunning boy. 

"Sleep." I finished, before leaving the graveyard and heading towards what I may call home. I looked back, and Jeff was gone. A figment of imagination? My scar itched again and my hypothesis was destroyed. No. Jeff was real. 



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