Go To Sleep

((Jeff The Killer FanFic))
He's the murderer.
The eyes, the smile.
It's him alright.
Jeff is back.


4. Lost Friend



((A/N: Sorry guys for all the slow updates! Meant to be doing homework right now xD A WELL!:D Anyway, lets haunt you with some Jeff The Killer. Love you my Lovelies BeyondLawliet))



My scar itched furiously, he was coming for me. I slammed the door of my lonely flat and locked the door, aware of the useless action all too well. I thought of my parents, sleeping in that grave... Will I join them? I re-inserted the key and slowly unlocked the door. There was no escaping my fate. I shut the open window and readjusted the flaring curtains. I got changed and lay on the single bed, I pulled the covers up, staring at the door. I kicked them back and creaked my way into the kitchen, drawing the largest knife I found. I twisted it in my hand and got a grip of the heavy weapon. I would try, with no prevail. I turned off the lights, swallowing the feeling of eyes in my back. I crept back under the covers, taking yet another glance at the unlocked door. I'm almost as insane. 



I stirred from a dreamless sleep, with a clammy forehead. My body burned violently, but my fingers and face were frozen where I lay. I stared at the ceiling with wide eyes. Where are you? I thought to myself. Where are you Jeff? I tried to gulp down the fear that pumped through my veins. Another night where I live on? 

"No. That's just impolite." I spoke aloud. 

"Quite right dear." A ragged voice erupted from the shadows. I looked around, the blood rushing from my face, leaving me almost as pale as he was. The front door was swinging to a close, locking me in with the murderer. I got to my feet, then sat down again. I let my fingers dance silently under the thin cover on my bed, until my adventurous fingers... 

Found it.

I pulled the knife a little closer, keeping it hidden. It was pure instinct to protect yourself from death. No matter how much I prepared. I knew I couldn't just stand and die. It wasn't like me. It wasn't like anyone. 

"Come on Jeff..." I called out into the darkness. I slowly came to a hunched standing position. "I haven't got all night." I held the last word to express how ironically cheesy movie the night was flowing. I felt my clammy hands sweating over the hold of the knife that remained in my hands. My knuckled whitening over the strength of my frightened grip. 

"Again... Quite right!" Jeff lunged out of the darkness and I dodged easily. Huh?

"That's not like you Jeff!" I screamed at him breathlessly as I ran in the opposite direction. He laughed as he regained his posture.

"Your different...You always was different." His freakishly wide fake smile seemed to stretch a little further. I felt the cool of a single tear slipping along my cheek, it caused my scar to tingle and I rubbed at it, not taking my eyes off of Jeff.

"You did this! You did this to me! You made us one of the same!" I screamed, my anger boiling. The gory smiled seemed to frown, though you couldn't tell by much with the way it cut high into his cheeks. Having known Jeff for so long as I have... You learn things.

"One.. Of the same?" His brows furrowed over his never closing eyes and took a step towards me. I stood my ground and gripped the knife tighter. He looked down and the crease of his cheek bones told me that he was naturally smiling beneath those ripped lips. 

"Nice knife..."Jeff pulled the knife from the pouch in his dirty hoodie. He fingered the sharp edge of his own knife. "Is it bigger than mine?" He ran his tongue along its slightly serrated edge. I silenced my shakes and stared into the eyes of the monster. Before I could comprehend what was happening, my neck was being squeezed by his leathery hands. I gripped at his claw like fingers. 

"You...You were my best friend!" I cried into the night, as I danced with the devil.




"Jeff! Jeff! Hey!" The girl that lived next door to the young boy rapped on the door furiously, a bag of homemade delicacies gripped in her pale hands. She banged on the door again, and a shy young man appeared at the door. His own pale face, hidden slightly by his ash brown hair. His bored looking frown flipped the minute he saw the girl before him. He flung his arms around her, and hurriedly let her into the house. He inspected the goodies the girl offered generously and tried the cookie in his hand, smiling wider as the taste of love and food passed his lips. 

"Hey mom! Jess's here!" He called over to a slim looking woman with a kind smile, she welcomed the girl into her home and told the light haired boy to bring his brother down. The boy did so reluctantly and another, younger boy, Liu bounced down to say a cheery hello to the girl that stood awkwardly on the door step. 

This was the norm. 

This was what was real. 

"Your my best friend Jeff!" Jess chimed happily taking the shy boy's hand and smiling over at their joined fingers. 

"Really? Really Jess? You mean it?" Jeff tightened his grip and smiled up at the girl. His best friend. 

"Of course! We're one of the same!" She replied. 

"Forever." He replied to her. 







"You...You were my best friend!" I cried against his grip, tears falling unwillingly now as I fought against the guy who had once made everything to me. Jeff's grip weakened a little, his face slightly confused, then he brought back his strength and slammed me against the wall. I yelped as I felt fresh warm blood pulse out from my cracked skull. 

"Just kill me!" I yelled at him as he brought me back to his height. "Kill me!" I yelled between sobs. I closed my eyes and awaited the deathly blow. I began to think I was dead, when I remembered the painful pain that reminded me to breath, I took a shaky breath and dared to open my eyes. Jeff stood there, knife across the floor, staring at me with horror in his eyes. His deadly eyes. Care returning there. I forced my shaking hand to reach for his face. At first he shied away. His body stiffening, but then his stance softened and my hand fit against his torn cheek. I could feel the hard edge of ripped flesh in my palm. I forced my face not to cringe and took in how soft the leathery feel of his burned face was. He simple stared on and on. His singed hair falling close to my fingers. I imagined the former ash brown hair that had once fallen there.I found myself smiling. I brought the knife to my face, the one I had been holding onto within the fear of the moment. I pulled the hair away from my scarred cheek and tucked it behind my ear reluctantly. 

"We are one of the same." I whispered as I kept my cool. He stared at the scar along my cheek and fingered the torn flesh on the mirrored cheek. 

"Forever..?" His gruff voice, the one that made him Jeff The Killer, not Jeff. I nodded and placed the knife in his hands. His pale fingers became accustomed to the weapon in his hand. Upon thirsty need, he raised the knife into the air, high above my head. I closed my eyes and whispered into the night...



"You are so beautiful... Jeff..." 

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