Go To Sleep

((Jeff The Killer FanFic))
He's the murderer.
The eyes, the smile.
It's him alright.
Jeff is back.


2. Blood


As the knife is kicked from his hand, the fueled killer stares at the running victim he had so carefully picked at the bar earlier. 

"Run. It's fun when you run." The flustered girl, splattered in blood from her open wounds, screams as she watched the mad man return to his feet. She rapped at the door handle, her shrill voice straining once again as she screams in terror. "What about the window?" The murderer chuckles as he finds finger holes in a heavy ornament that was shaking on a table top. It now was being lifted in the merciless mans hands. The bleeding girl was leaned over the window yelping into the night. 

"Go. To. Sleep!" He yelled as he brought the heavy decoration over her head. Splattering blood everywhere. The screaming ceased and only laughter remained. The tormented laughter of Jeff. 

Jeff the Killer.






"Wake up! Jess c'mon!" My head snapped from the table. Another nightmare. I was screaming. Screaming at 9:00 in the morning. Inside of a class. The teacher stared at me from where she stood, the book she held trembling from the shaking of her fingers. The class of 30 eyes bore down into me and my face began to flush with the embarrassment. I hung my head and watched through my dark hair as Anabelle peered over at me. Her loving doeful eyes caring for my messed up state. 

"He's coming." I whispered and Anabelle's love was wiped away. The class sighed and the teachers nerves calmed. 

"Not again." I heard my class 'mates' whispered. No one believed me. Not a soul. 

"Stop it Jess. Please." Anabelle whimpered as she retook he seat beside me. "I'm sick and tired of this now." She hung her head as the teasing continued. 

"I'm sorry Anabelle.When he takes me. It will stop. It will all stop then." I said emotionlessly. I wasn't afraid to die. Every human in existence is luming closer to their deaths. Some are just destined to die before they wish. So be it, by one stupid murderer. 

Stupid. Jeff wasn't stupid. 


Just insanely good at his job. 

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