You Found Me

Hi, I'm Sandra LeAnn Hills and I've had a hard life, after my father died my mother didn't know what to do so she left me. I was alone with no one to turn to since I didn't know anyone in my family. So I left my home town of South Bend, Indiana USA to find something for myself. on the way I met a person that changed my life forever.........


8. What you don't know

Liam's POV

We had to eventually breath, but I didn't want to. She has soft lips, perfect hair, the most welcoming personality and everything anyone would want. She ended the kiss and looked around. " What is it love?" I asked. She leaned back in to kiss me even longer that the last time. " I love you so much Sandra," I told her. " She put her head on my chest and a sang into her ear. " You have a voice like an angel." she explained. I looked into her perfect eyes and said, " Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me over-." 

I was cut off by the lads singing " -whelmed the way Liam smiles at the ground  it's not hard to tell, you don't know! oh oh! you don't know that when Liam was a kid he got rejected by the same girl 22 times! oh times!" they were laughing insanely hard. " Actually I did along with the facts about your birth Louis, ummm... lets see Louis William Tomlinson: Doncaster Royal Infirmary, 1:47P.M on a Tuesday, December 24,weighing at 7 pounds and 3 ounces and 49 centimeters long." They sat there in amazment once more then she said. " Oh but don't worry most Directioners in the States know this kind of stuff and more! it's like they have lived with you and know you're habits"

She smiled for a bit and pulled me back in and she kissed me even longer. I waved my hands at them to leave but they just stood there. " O.K,'' I said. " If you don't leave we will just have to." I put her on my back and we walked through them to go to my bed. " Don't wait up!" I called back.


I dont do many of these since i think they are the most annoying thing on earth, but just telling you guys sorry for the short chapter. I have a great idea for the next one and it will be longer!! pinky promise!!!

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