You Found Me

Hi, I'm Sandra LeAnn Hills and I've had a hard life, after my father died my mother didn't know what to do so she left me. I was alone with no one to turn to since I didn't know anyone in my family. So I left my home town of South Bend, Indiana USA to find something for myself. on the way I met a person that changed my life forever.........


6. The nicest thing some one has ever said to me

Sandra's POV

I woke up to my golden brown curls staring me in the face. I kissed Liam's forehead and he woke up and said " You have the most beautiful eyes they are like pools of blue with a golden shore." I blushed. That's usually the first thing someone notices about me. I pulls me in and kisses me. I try to pull away and he pulls me in closer. He puts his hand on my back and goes lower. I away again and say " Liam I just met you, I want to get to know you better before we.....ya know."

He nodes his head and says " For you, I would wait a lifetime." I blushed again " That was the single most sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me." I told him. He kissed my head as I rested it on his chest and he played with my hair.

We sat there for what seemed like forever, but I didn't want it to stop. " I just met you Sandra," Liam said " But it seems like I have known you forever. And I have never ever felt like that with someone. Ever, and I don't know why you are just beautiful." I shed a tear.

" Don't cry Sandra." He said. " I know, but I've only known you a day and you treat me better than anyone I have ever met. You saved my life on the side of that road, and when I asked for some evidence it was you gave it to me. When I passed out, you were the first person I saw. When I cried you were right there and when I woke up you were the first person I see and the Only person I want to see. I love you Liam James Payne."

Liam's POV

Wow. The girl that I feel like I want to spend the rest of my life with just told me that she loves me. " I love you too Sandra Hills." I kissed the top of her head and she kissed me back. With alot more passion I have ever kissed her with then she pulled away. " Your such a tease, did you ever know that?" I said. " So does this mean that we are dating?" She asks. " I suppose so!" I said 

"I'm going to the shower Sandra." I say. She looks sad. " What happened?" I ask her. " Well I don't have any clothes, They were all in my car." She said. "No problem, You can wear a pair of a my boxers and a shirt it may be a little big on you but I will wash your clothes and we can go to the mall tomorrow and get you some clothes." 

"No Liam, I am not allowing you to buy me clothes. I can do it myself." She said. " O.k, how much money do you have?" I ask. " Not as much as you do" She said as she laughed. " No seriously, how much?" "Not alot I am almost broke but I can find a way to get more money." she says. 

" Sandra I'm not allowing you to spend the last of your money. And that is final" I say. " O.k dad whatever you say." she says playfully. After we had our showers and got dressed we came out of his room and they were all looking at us. " What?" I said as we sat down. " Nothing, well you walked out of Liam's room with his boxers on and his shirt on, and its 3Pm and you guys are just deciding to come out?" Harry said as he sent a wink.

" Oh shut up Harry, nothing happened if that is what you were asking, I came and cuddled with Liam last night because it was cold outside. And the reason I have his clothes and his boxers on is because I didn't have any other clothes to wear after I got out of the shower. Oh yeah and Also because we are dating." I said with a smirk. Harry's mouth dropped open like a girl had never said something like that to him before. Harry got up sat next to Liam, gave him a hi five and a hug and said " Way to go bro, oh and I still don't believe anything happened." and sat back down. 

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