You Found Me

Hi, I'm Sandra LeAnn Hills and I've had a hard life, after my father died my mother didn't know what to do so she left me. I was alone with no one to turn to since I didn't know anyone in my family. So I left my home town of South Bend, Indiana USA to find something for myself. on the way I met a person that changed my life forever.........


10. The Concert Hall

We finally got to England( they would have there first concert there). They practiced every waking moment they had before they got on stage, which I guess isn't a bad thing if you are in the most famous boy band of the 21st century. We got to the concert hall and girls were already there the day before camping in front of the building waiting for them. Wow these European fangirls are pretty hardcore. As we walked into the concert hall the paparazzi took multiple pictures of us. We looked at the stage and It was the biggest room I have ever been in and my jaw dropped. " What?" Zayn said. " This is the biggest room I have ever been in and millions of girls will be here watching you and you aren't the least bit nervous?!" I asked. " We have been in bigger concert halls Sandra, we are used to it. The X Factor room was bigger than this." " Holy sh-" I began to say when Harry cut me off, " Let's not use that colorful language that you are o so famous for."

We walked off the stage and went to the back. They all shared that same dressing room but they didn't seem to care. Inside the room with a star in the door there were 5 chairs that said "Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn" on them. They all took a seat in their assigned chairs and I was left standing. Liam gestured for me to come and sit with him. I sat on his lap and gave him a kiss. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Louis said in his little kid voice " Liam's got Sandra cooties! Liam's got Sandra cooties!" he said over and over. " I do" Liam said. He leaned in for another kiss, " And I love them" He said laughing. 

" Hold on mates, I got a message from Simon." Harry said. " It says we need to to the hotel and get rested before the concert tomorrow." Then Harry began to laugh. " But I don't think  Liam will bee getting any sleep not will he." They all busted out laughing. " For your information Harry we haven't done anything yet. And I don't plan on doing anything like that for a long time." I said. Liam looked a little disappointed, but I gave him another kiss and he seemed to be ok.

We got back to the hotel and got settled in and Liam went to go take a shower. I don't know why but for the first time in my life I felt something insanely special for someone. Like I would go to the end of the universe and back just to see there face. It all became clear to me, Liam was the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. Sadly I didn't know if he felt the same way for me. He was a big shot in several countries and he has so many beautiful girls just crawling over him and he picked me. Why? I'm nothing special. I don't have a perfect body, hair, or anything else. Why on earth would he love me? He could of picked me up off the side of that road dropped me off with some money and left. But he didn't. Did he just feel bad for me? Did he not want to leave me because of what I told him about me? I was crying now.

Liam got out of the shower and saw me on the bed crying. "Sandra are you OK?" he asked. " Why Liam? Why did you choose me? You have girls that are so much prettier than I am that would die to even be In my position. Were you pitiful with me and felt bad because I was lonely and a lost cause? Did you feel bad for me because I told you my stories?" I was asking an wondering so many things. " Sandra LeAnn Hills, why would you ever even think of that. I saw you on the side of that road and I knew that you were the one. The first time you kissed me I wanted it to last a lifetime, that was before you told me those things. And with the girls, I haven't seen anyone better to love in my eyes than you. You are the single most beautiful girl I have EVER seen in my life and I wouldn't trade the world for you. I Love You." I was crying even more after he said that. He kissed me and I kissed him back. He was so sweet and caring and loving, he was just perfect.

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