You Found Me

Hi, I'm Sandra LeAnn Hills and I've had a hard life, after my father died my mother didn't know what to do so she left me. I was alone with no one to turn to since I didn't know anyone in my family. So I left my home town of South Bend, Indiana USA to find something for myself. on the way I met a person that changed my life forever.........


7. The Best Day Ever

Sandra's POV

 After the boys had practiced and had gotten ready we went to the Mall. Of course we were as lucky to find one with a Nandos in it * cough cough Niall cough cough* we went shopping the boys went to a Top Man's store while me and Liam went shopping in a variety of places. We first went into a Victoria's Secret for a bra and of course Liam had to make sure it fit right, men. Then to Forever 21 for some sun dresses. I found one that was peach colored with white flowers. I walked out to show Liam and he sat there with his mouth in an O. " You are defiantly the biggest tease I have ever met in my entire life Sandra" he said. " Keep your pants on Liam, we are in a mall" I said laughing.

We tried on some other things jeans skirts and shirts that of course I tried to pay for but Liam wouldn't let me. Of course there were girls that stopped to talk to him and ask for a picture and autograph the usual. But then there were some people that made nasty faces and said mean things and whenever they did it didn't phase me because I took Liam's hand and then kissed him. Then of course someone had to post something to Twitter about Liam being here with the trending "Mystery Girl".

The paparazzi got word of it and took pictures of everything we did and ask questions like " Who is she" and " who is the new girl Mr.Payne" He told thin politely that I was his girlfriend Sandra. He of course didn't give them my last name.

When I was finished Liam pleaded to go to Game Stop to get some games. We were looking on the shelves and he saw the last new Black Ops 2. I told him to let me hold it as he looked for more games to play back on the bus. Little did he know I was not letting him buy everything today. " Are you done yet babe?" I said. " Yeah I think" he yelled across the store and then he said " Let me see the game so I can pay." " No need," I said " Already done!" I said with a smirk. " I'm not letting you buy everything for me against my will and not getting my baby a little something". He was surprised and he took $50.00 out of his pocket and shoved it into my back pocket and said " Not getting away with it so easy." I expected him to take his hand out but he didn't. I didn't really mind I mean he did just spend over 500 dollars on me. 

When we got into the car most of the Paparazzi was gone and we called the others to say we were done. When the all got back they had bags full of games, and Niall had bags full of junk food from the candy shop. He is such a little kid.

When we got back to the bus. I took a shower Liam walked in and said " Can I join you?" " No you may not" I said " One day, but not today". When I got out I put on some red and blue pajama pants that said " 1D" on them and had the British flags and I had a long sleeved blue and white shirt to match.

" Looks as we have a directioner on our hands boys" Zayn said. "We may just have to sing." he said laughing. " Yeah yeah laugh it up Zayn Javadd Malik born in Saint Lukes hospital in Bradford, England January 12,1993." I said as he sat there in disbelief. " Holy shit! you know more about me than I do!" He said. " Yeah It's the basic directioner pass time. We quiz each other on how much we know about you guys, Liam I know that you are afraid of spoons, and Harry the four nipple wonder , Louis you have an unhealthy obsession with carrots, and Niall my special leprahcaun I know that you are very insecure and jealous. You think that fans don't like you as much as the others, I also know that you say that you don't have a girlfriend because you don't want to cheat on all your wives.  And that my friends is how you creep some pretty famous dudes out." there was a long silence then I got up and got a spoon from the drawer and put water on it and sat next to Liam and said, " Drink the water from this spoon." He got a scared look on his face and Harry started to laugh, I looked at him and said " I know more about you then they probably do and if you don't be quiet I will tell them the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in grade school." He blushed and looked away. 

"Now Liam" I explained " If you drink the water out of this........... I will kiss you for one whole minute right here right now." Liam looked shocked but he did do it. " Good job Liam! You got over your fear!" " Now its your turn of the the deal" he said into my ear. With all the boys sitting there looking at us I set a timer and we kissed, then with more passion as we put his hand on my back and I put my arms around his neck. The timer buzzed then I managed to shut it off while I was still kissing Liam. 

" Well it looks like you two defiantly need some privacy" Louis said and they all went to there beds.

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