You Found Me

Hi, I'm Sandra LeAnn Hills and I've had a hard life, after my father died my mother didn't know what to do so she left me. I was alone with no one to turn to since I didn't know anyone in my family. So I left my home town of South Bend, Indiana USA to find something for myself. on the way I met a person that changed my life forever.........


2. On the road again

Sandra's POV

I was in my car listing to Little Things being the hardcore directioner I am. and I notice that my car was making a loud an obnoxious noise. I pull over and lift up my hood of the car. Smoke instantly blows me back and forces me in to fit of coughing.

"Great" I thought to myself. I was contemplateing my options on what to do. So like any logical person stranded out on a highway. I looked at what I had. I had about 50 dollars to my name, A gift card to a mall, my drivers licence, and My ID. In my car i had a blanket and a survival kit with some granola cars crackers and water. which i knew would only last about to days. 

I decided to take my things and try to walk to the nearest gas station. Which ultimalty epically failed becuse i broke down in tears on the side of the road. I don't know how long I cried for but when i loked up it was dark out. " This is perfect" i thought to myself. " Im a 18 year old highschool dropout with barley any money to my name and im alone and cold on the side of a highway, what else could ruin my day.

i thought for a while of what I would do when the next day rolled around. I stopped thinking because i cried even more.

I eventually cried my self to sleep on the side of that creepy road. dreaming of a much better life.

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