You Found Me

Hi, I'm Sandra LeAnn Hills and I've had a hard life, after my father died my mother didn't know what to do so she left me. I was alone with no one to turn to since I didn't know anyone in my family. So I left my home town of South Bend, Indiana USA to find something for myself. on the way I met a person that changed my life forever.........


11. Never mess with an American

I woke up lying next to him on the couch. As my head rested on his perfect chest I heard his heart beat. thump thump thump. I got up carefully so I would't wake him up. I got my things and got into the shower. Once I got out I put on a peach colored flowy tank-top with white skinny jeans and black vans. Now for my hair. I didn't know what to do with it. Let it naturally dry and have curls, or to straighten it? Oh the options. I left the bathroom to see Liam already had gotten up and was dressed, everything but his shirt. Ya know, didn't have a problem with that one. Liam Payne shirtless and I'm good to go.<- hahahah. " What should I do with my hair Liam? Curly or straight?" I asked. Straight, I am almost positive you know that Harry likes girls with curly hair." I said. Why would Liam say something like that? Harry likes girls with curly hair. Did he know something that I didn't? Ay it's probably nothing. I straightened my hair and turned to Liam. "Where to go in my first day in Europe?" I asked him playfully. " I don't know were do you want to go?" He asked like I had some sort of clue what to do in Europe. " I've never been here so I wouldn't know. Ya know why don't you be my tour guide? Show me places that you like to go." I told him. " You're wish, is my command." He said bowing like a royal servant.

I walked over to him and kissed him. " I love your accent, it's so, so fancy." I said laughing. " What is that supposed to mean. Was it a complement or you being rude?" he said playfully. " I don't know you just have the most adorable accent I have ever seen. It's sweeter than Louis' but huskier than Harry's. It's so cute." I said as I kissed him.

Liam's POV

Today was going to be perfect. I had planned for us to go to a resturaunt, go sight-seeing, and what made it the best is to spend all day with her. A amazing girl with an amazing attitude and the perfect smile. I love  her so much. Once she was ready we headed out to go look at some wineries and some landmarks. The day was going great until I saw my ex. Lacy. Not may people know her because she was a one-night-stand. But she got a little out of control. She wouldn't stop calling or texting me. It was like she was obsessed. She saw us and automatically pushed out her butt and chest. She walked over to me and said " Heyyyyyyy Liam!! Oh, Who is,*cough cough*, ummm that?" she said like she owned the world. " For your information Ms.Priss" I said sarcastically. "I happen to be his girlfriend, Sandra. And you would be?" I said, and I already knew who she was. Liam tod me while we were playing truth or dare with the boys. " Hello skank," she said " My name is Lacy, and I am Liam's ex."." Who do you think you are?!" Liam said". "Hold on Liam, I can fight my own battles. And you who the hell are you walking around like you are just the shit. I am his girlfriend now and you can go shove your 6 pounds of make-up up your artifical ass. Now, turn around and leave. Wait and oh yea don't mess with Liam again, that's why he is your EX." I said feeling alot more confident. " And if I don't?" she asked. "If you don't I'm.............


I'm sorry for leaving you hanging but I gtg for a minute I'm working on the next chapter now!;) love you guys!

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