No One Like You

Drexy is the most popular girl in St.Tom's High School. What doesn't she have, beauty, money, the lucky charm, just one thing she lacks, dance. St.Tom's is know for their extraordinary dances. The Valentine's Dance Competion is coming up and Drexy is extremely nervous. First of all she doesn't have a date and second of all she can't dance, well that's what she thinks. How will she find a date and learn how to dance in just a week? Read "No One Like You" to find out.


1. Valentine's Dance Competion

Isn't this just great, the Valentine Dance is one week away and I don't even have a date. I can't even believe no one has asked me. Like Jeez guys. I just hope that I don't have to go with the..."love birds". The five "hottest" guys in the school. They make me sick.What do they think of themselves, that every girl would be dying to go out with them. Well, even if that's true, there is no way I'm going out with them.

"Drexy, can you please pay attention" Mr.Kendall said. "Yes, sorry" I replied. When will this class end. I'm not against math but I have a lot of others things to worry about. I wanted to get out of here, so I decided to ditch, like anyone cared. "May I go to the bathroom?" "You may" YES!! FREEDOM. I was sprouting like a flower. I was on my way to my iPhone from my locker, when I umped into someone and dropped my books that I sneaked out. "Oh sorry babe" I could recognize that voice anywhere, and I felt like throwing up when he called me "babe" "It's fine" I quickly picked up books, he picked up the last one. I grabbed it and walked away. "Drexy, wait"  he called out. I stopped and turned around. Why? "yes" I said. "i know it's a week away but would you like to got to the Valentine's Competition with me?" How? Why?...why would he ask me that. We never actually even talk and we hated each other. well that's what I thought. I went to say no "yes" what the heck did I just say? "Where would you like to rehearse?" I felt like puking even thinking of him touching me. "At my house, would be fine" I'M DONE!! "Would you like to go now, I'm ditching anyways" I said and just then I fainted.

"Drexy?!" I heard Zayn say. "I'm fine, let's go"

We got on Zayn's motorcycle and drove to my house. How did he know where I lived? Creepy. 

We decide to dance to a Taylor Swift song I Knew You Were Trouble. Well, now the dance. I cursed under my breath. "I was thinking maybe we could watch 'Dancing With The Stars'" "Whatever suits you Malik"

After an hour of watching the show, we decided to do the dance steps they did. Zayn took my hand and placed it in mid air, his hand was on my waist. I was looking directly at his eyes. He turned me around so that now my back was against his chest. He picked me up and spun me around. When we stopped spinning  He picked me up and spun me around his waist line. I slid down his leg and he spun me around on the floor. He picked me up and I jumped up and did a 360 in the air and came back in his arms. We leaned down and my leg was next to his neck. 

"Perfect" we said together. We were still in that position, I was staring into his warm comforting hazel eyes and he was staring into my light brown eyes. He came close. WAS HE ABOUT TO KISS ME? He came too close and before I could say anything he crashed his lips into mine. At first I was so shocked and didn't kiss back. I slowly started to form his rhythm of his lips. He wanted entrance in my mouth but I didn't let him. I wasn't going to let him get me that easily. We just let our tongues dance.

He let go of the passionate kiss "Wow" he said. "Drexy, I know we don't talk much, but I'm crazy about you. You give me chills down my back. You give me butterflies in my stomach. You make my day by smiling. Will you be my girlfriend?"  That was the most nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. "Yes I will Malik" He picked me up and spun me around, I gave him a soft kiss on the lips. 

How did this happen from total hatred to unconditional love.

-Valentine's Dance Competition-

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our Valentine's Dance Competition" the principal announced. I was really nervous. I had a short yellow dress, my belly was showing. It was curvy, and I guess I liked it. Zayn was wearing a yellow shirt with a grey vest and pants. His hair was spiked sideways throughout his forehead and my hair was wavy and open. 

"Next up is Drexy Lucas and Zayn Malik" The audience clapped and cheered. Zayn and I slowly walked on stage with full confidence. Zayn gave me a quick wink, how cheeky this boy is. The song started

Once upon a time a few mistakes ago

I was in your sights you got me alone

You found me

You found me

You found me

I guess you didn't care and I guess I liked that

Zayn and I got in rhythm and we were perfect. He kept giving me winks, how cheeky can this boy get. 

The dance ended and both of took a bow. The audience cheered , whistled and clapped. We went backstage and Zayn gave me a passionate kiss.

"Well done Malik" "You too Lucas" I liked the way we called each other by our last names. Everyone of the dances were extraordinary. "Thriftshop" came on and I started dancing like a fool. At the corner of my eye I saw Zayn chuckling and recording me. I turned and starting chasing him. "Malik!!" I yelled. I tripped over a table and banged my head on it. "Ouch" I whispered. Zayn was still running, I guess he didn't notice. Louis was walking by and then he saw me and gasped. "Drexy are you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine, can you help me up?" He stretched out his hand and I passed him my hand. I was seriously dizzy and nauseous. "Louis, bathroom NOW" He picked me up in bridal style and rushed to the ladies bathroom. Thankfully he made it in time.

I felt so sick and my mouth was gushing out my guts. My forehead was still bleeding  I flushed the toilet and went to go wash my face. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Louis waiting and Zayn was with him. "Drexy, I'm so sorry, I should have been more careful" why was he blaming himself. "Zayn it was my fault, I'm just clumsy. End of discussion  "Okay, umm...are you okay?" Before I could answer Mr.Kendall came up and yelled "DREXY ZAYN, go on stage NOW" we ran on stage and the lights blinded me "Aah there you are. Ladies and gentlemen here are this year's winners for Valentine's Dance Competition. Drexy Lucas and Zayn Malik" I cheered all the pain from my forehead was gone and thank God it wasn't bleeding anymore. Zayn and I hugged and he didn't release. Cheeky. "Zayn if you let go i'll give you a passionate kiss backstage" for some reason he really loved my kisses. He immediately let go. We walked over to Liam and Niall who were holding the trophy. We said a few comments and walked backstage. 

"Zayn-" he cut me off and held me in the position when we first kissed. He crashed his lips into mine and its turned very passionate. He wanted entrance entrance and I let him. i felt him smile inn between our kiss.  That made me chuckle a little. "I love you with all my heart Drexy" "I love you more than anything Zayn" 

Author's Note:

This is a one chapter story for the "Valentine's Day With One Direction" competition.

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