Not the Same

As a child, she had an easy life. A family that loved her, classmates that admired her, and friends that cherished her. After her older sister's death and her best friends' sudden move out of the city, nothing felt the same for her, both physically and mentally. Growing up, she learned how to hide her pain behind her smile. 9 years later, sixteen year old Carter Smith is excited for her friends to come back. But with a new school year comes new classmates. Will the new guys who call themselves JML change how she feels about the friends she has now?
please be warned that this is my first fanfic so... hope you like it :) COPYRIGHT (c)


3. When I See You

 Carter's P.O.V.

Paying attention in class was harder than I thought. Already, Mr. Hayes started teaching us new material in math class. As if having him as a homeroom teacher wasn't enough. Now I have him twice a day in back-to-back periods and to top it all off, in the same room. Still sitting beside me was the six transfer students. We've already started learning about multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting rational expressions. Looking around the room, I see everyone else either sleeping or just whispering to the person next to them. As I look back at what Mr. Hayes is teaching, I can understand why they don't seem to pay attention. What he's writing on the blackboard looks like a bunch of scribbles made my a kindergarten student. I try my hardest to neatly copy down the notes on the board and listen to his explanation for the answers at the same time.

"And this will all be on the quiz which you will have next class," said Mr. Hayes. Once everyone heard the word quiz, all I could hear was yells and whining. Well, what did they expect from this class? It was a Grade 10 AP class afterall.

"Well, what did you expect from this class? Doing long division and multiplying by 4's and 5's? This, my friends, is afterall an Advanced Placement class, and if you think this is too much for you, please feel free to leave this classroom right now and transfer to Academic while it's not too late," scowled Mr. Hayes as if he read my thoughts. A hush fell over the classroom. No one got up. Either they were too scared to do it out of embarassment or they finally got their priorities straight. Out of nowhere, the bell rings to signal the end of second period. Still, no one is moving. Everyone was glued to their chair.

"You are excused," he said to the class. Everyone quickly, but silently got their stuff and went out the door. I quicky gathered my calculator, binder and textbook and rushed off behind the mob of people in hopes of running into Kevin and Scarlett. I hardly notice Zelo running out behind me. I run to my assigned locker and drop off  all of my stuff. Maybe they texted me and I didn't even know? I grab my phone out of the front pocket of my Jansport bag. As I turn it on, it starts to vibrate in my hand. Maybe they did text me! But all that shows up is a red light blinking signalling its dead battery. Shit, I probably should have charged my phone last night after talking to them. I sigh and turn off my phone, put it back into my bag, and close my locker. What came next was shocking. Standing right infront of me was Kevin Brooks. The Kevin Brooks.

"Hey there, Carter. Miss me? It's been a long time," he said with open arms. Without hesitation, I filled the gap between us and placed my head on his chest. For a second, I thought I heard another person call out my name, but I don't really care.

"It's been too long," I said with a smile. 9 years to be exact. Kevin's back. Now all we need is Scarlett and then it will be like just the good old days.

Zelo's P.O.V.

After our hands touched, I swear we felt a connection. I guess not. Not only did she look confused, but she even looked scared. Stupid, stupid, stupid!! I shouldn't have done that. It probably came out a bit too strong. What if she get's the wrong idea and thinks that I'm some kind of flirt? No, that can't be, I'm too much of a nerd for someone like her to like me back. But it's not like it's impossible, right? Never say never, I tell myself.

Homeroom ends too short. I ask the person behind me how long homeroom usually is- I think her name is Aurora, but I'm not sure- and it's only 30 minutes. My friends and I look back at our schedule to check what our next class is. AP Math room 205. As we walk out of the classroom, it takes us 5 minutes to notice that our homeroom class was also our math class. We're not surprised to see that the front row is yet again empty. Walking back to our seats from last period, I still see Carter sitting in her seat. I think of the pro's and con's of this. This means we have Mr. Hayes back to back periods. This also means I get to sit beside Carter for an extra 80 minutes. Maybe we'll be able to get close to one another. Maybe I can make her fall for me. This may sound cheesy, but it feels like I'm having my first love all over again.

I don't know about anyone else, but it was hard to concentrate during class. The whole time, I felt so self-conscious and kept finding my eyes wandering back to the girl neatly copying her notes. After a very heated math class, the bell rang to tell us that period 3 was over and it was time for lunch. After packing all my stuff into my knapsack, I finally made up my mind and decided to ask Carter whether she wanted to eat with me and my friends. But just as I turned to my left to ask, she left. How did she move so fast? Maybe if I run, I'll catch up to her.

"Hey, Carter! Hold up!" I yelled as she ran out of the class.

"Hey, Where are you going?" said Aiden.

"Tell the guys I'll be right back."

Running out of the door, I turned around to the corner to follow her. Damn she was fast. Maybe I should ask her if she would like to join the Cross Country team with me. What the hell am I saying!! This is not the time to think about that! As I made my way down the staircase, I saw long, brown hair turn a sharp corner. Got you, I thought smiling. By the time I caught up to her, she was at her locker. She threw her textbooks inside and checked her phone. I felt my smile grow wider. Smoothing my hair down and fixing my uniform as to not look sloppy, I make my way towards her. Why am I so nervous? I'm asking her to eat lunch with me, not asking her out on a date. But what came next was a surprise for the both of us. I stop in my tracks, but my sneakers make a screech sound on the floor. Shit, hopefully they didn't hear that. I quicky hide behind the lockers to my left. Slowly, I stick my hear out to to see what's happening. Standing infront of her was a guy. Not just any guy, by the looks of it. As if being seperated from each other was too much, they were in each others arms. As to not disturb their precious moment, I silently turn around and head back to class where I know that someone will await my company.






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