Not the Same

As a child, she had an easy life. A family that loved her, classmates that admired her, and friends that cherished her. After her older sister's death and her best friends' sudden move out of the city, nothing felt the same for her, both physically and mentally. Growing up, she learned how to hide her pain behind her smile. 9 years later, sixteen year old Carter Smith is excited for her friends to come back. But with a new school year comes new classmates. Will the new guys who call themselves JML change how she feels about the friends she has now?
please be warned that this is my first fanfic so... hope you like it :) COPYRIGHT (c)


7. Wait For Me

Zelo"s P.O.V.

What was taking Carter so long? You think she just went home by herself? It's not like she knew that I was going to wait for her. Maybe I should have texted her that I was going to go home with her.  Yep, that would have been the right thing to do.

"Hey Aiden, are you guys done signing up for the clubs?"

"Yeah, almost. Oh how are things going with Carter?" he said slyly.

"Don't even ask. I guess she left school early since she thought no one was going to walk with her," I responded as I mde my way outside the building. "When you guys are done, meet me at the front gates. After do you want to go to my place? The Star Trek marathon is on tonight!"

"Yeah sure, let me just ask them. Hey guys! do you want to hang at Zelo's place?" he screamed. Hearing all the yes', It was official. JML was going to do an all-nighter. Hanging up the phone and placing it in my back pocket, I took out my umbrella and made my way to wait for the rest of JML to come. Suddenly, I heard a girl scream. What the hell was that? In the distance, I could see three figures surrounding a girl. Dropping my umbrella, I ran towards the firgures, only to see the girl turn limp.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing with her?!" I said as a ran towards the men.

"Sorry kid, this isn't any of your business," said one of the men with a bandana around his fist.

"Shut up, Mark. We're waisting time here," growled the third man wearing the trench coat."Hurry and bring her inside!"

As I approached the van, I could make out the face of the girl through all the rain. It was Carter. They got Carter Smith.

"Stop! What are you going to to with her?!" I screamed, but it was too late, the car took off before I could beat the crap out of them. Not wasting a second, I took a picture of  the licence plate.

"Guys, hurry up and come out of the school!" I yelled into the phone as Gabriel picked up. "Star Trek will have to wait. It's an emergency!"

Within minutes, the rest of JML came out and met me outside of the school soaked.

"What's the big emergency?" yelled Lewis.

"We've got to hurry. Some guys kidnapped Carter. I was going to beat them up, but they left in their van."

"Did you get their licence plate at least?" asked Damian.

"I was scared not stupid. Of course I got the picture of it. Lewis, I need you to work your tech magic and try to find out where they are taking her."

"Why do I have to do this for that girl? I don't even know her!" whined Lewis.

"Um, because you're a good person?" I said.

"No, it's because Zeland over here has the hots for Carter," whispered Aiden to Chris.

"Is this really the time to talk about this? Lewis can you please help me?" I begged him.

"Fine, but you owe me one," he said as we made our way to Damian's van. Inside, he took out his laptop out of his knapsack and did his whole tech magic of his. I still don't know how he learned all this.

"You know I could get  arrested for doing this, right?" said Lewis.

"Just focus on finding them," Gabriel said assuringly.

"Ok, but this could take some time. Oh wait, no time at all. I've got them," said Lewis with a grin on his face."They're at a storage unit on 34 Collingwood Ave."

"Damian, can you get us there fast?" I said while fastening my seatbelt tightly.

"Ok, but I can't promise that you we'll get there safely," said Damian as he started the engine.

Don't worry, Carter, I thought. We'll be there in no time. Wait for me. The drive to our destination was full of bumps, awkward silence, and the pitter patter of the rain against the window.




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