Not the Same

As a child, she had an easy life. A family that loved her, classmates that admired her, and friends that cherished her. After her older sister's death and her best friends' sudden move out of the city, nothing felt the same for her, both physically and mentally. Growing up, she learned how to hide her pain behind her smile. 9 years later, sixteen year old Carter Smith is excited for her friends to come back. But with a new school year comes new classmates. Will the new guys who call themselves JML change how she feels about the friends she has now?
please be warned that this is my first fanfic so... hope you like it :) COPYRIGHT (c)


4. Misunderstanding

Carter's P.O.V.

This really was the best feeling in the world. With Kevin back, my heart feels more complete. No matter how many friends I had made over the years, I personally think that no one could compare to him. After Kevin and Scarlett left because of their parents' job change, The only way we could keep in contact with each other was through live chat and e-mail. But talking to them face-to-face was totally different. It felt so real.

"Hey, little bunny, are you listening to me?" said Kevin. I couldn't help but smile. Hearing him call me that brought back so many memories. Closing my eyes, I lean my head on the tree.

"Huh? Yes, no, sorry. I'm just so happy you're back I can't think straight," I replied with a smile. 

"I said, it's lunch time. Aren't you hungry? Here, I brought food." At the sound of food, I heard my stomach growl. He was right. I was hungry. I open my eyes and look around the yard to see if anyone heard. Hopefully he didn't hear that. At that exact moment, I heard a little chuckle. Embarrassed, I punched him on the arm. 

"Hey! What was that for?" pouted Kevin, rubbing his arm as if he really was hurt.

"Whatever. Just hand over the food," I replied.

"Look at you. Still as violent as ever."

"How about you? You're even more dramatic in person." As he took some food out of his bag, I couldn't help but stare at his long, strong arms, long lashes and green eyes that greatly contrasted from his black hair. Handing his extra food over to me, our eyes locked. Quicky, I shifted my eyes onto a couple eating their lunch by the bench.

"Oh, I see. You think I'm even more handsome in person. Is that why you're so shy infront of me now?" said Kevin with a sly smile and raising his eyebrows. Unconsiously, I felt my face redden.Without responding, I took a bite out of the bread stuffed with salami. After that first bite, I noticed how hungry I was. In less that a minute, the sandwich was gone.

"Wow, I see your love for food is still going strong," said Kevin as he handed me some juice to wash down the food.

"Yes, Kev, because our love is eternal," I said rolling my eyes. "So, how are things so far? Did you talk to Scarlett yet? I didn't see her at school today. I thought the two of you were coming today?"

"Woah, hold on Carter. One question at a time! I think I'm going to get used living here again. Toronto and New York are almost similar. Gosh, It feels good to be home," he said with a smile. "Oh, Yeah. Didn't Scarlett tell you? She's not coming here until three weeks from now."

I didn't know that. When I asked her last night, she told me she was coming today. I felt a little hurt. Why did she lie about that? Is there anything else she lied to me about? I hide the little pain in my heart and continue asking Kevin how his life was in New York, the place where dreams come true.

Zelo's P.O.V.

Walking back to room 205, I try my hardest to not feel hurt. But why do I feel this way? It's not like we're in a relationship or something. We just met. For all I know, that guy might have been her boyfriend or something. Opening the door, I put on my best happy face and and walk towards my friends.

"Hey, dude. Where did you go?" said Damian handing me my knapsack.

"Uh, I was just looking for someone," I said nervously.

"Was that someone Carter?" asked Aiden with a sly smile.

"Shut up. Let's go eat now. Do you want to go to the caf?" I said trying to change the subject.

"No, there's too much people there. Want to eat outside?" suggested Gabriel. Nodding, we head out of the building. There are whispers here and there saying, "nerd alert" and "look out, fake blonds coming through". But we don't listen to them. It's always the same, no matter where we go. As we made our way towards the yard, I almost instantly spot her.

"Guys, follow me," I said as I am I make my way towards her and the guy she was with earlier. For some reason, I was jealous at how close they were, at how easily he can make her blush.

"Hey Carter!" I said beaming to her. "Can we join you? We don't really know anyone in the school so... can we eat here with you?"

"Um, yeah, sure." Carter said as she shrugged her shoulders. Looking at her, I nodded my head towards the guy with her. Knowing what I meant, She got up.

"This is Kevin Brooks. He's an eleventh grader here at TS High who just transferred from New York. He was my childhood friend. Kevin, these are some of my classmates. Aiden, Damian, Gabriel, Jaiden, Lewis and Zeland." After introducing us to each other, Kevin sticks his hand out for each of us.

So this is the guy-Kevin- was the guy who she was hugging? A childhood friend who had just come back. It all makes sense now. And to think he was her boyfriend! Hiding a mixture of embarrassment, anger and jelousy, I smile and shake his hand.

"Hi, I'm Zeland Choi, but you can call me Zelo. These are my mates Aiden, Damian, Chris, Lewis and Gabriel. We just transferred here also. You can call us JML," I said, squeezing his hand a little too tight.

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