Not the Same

As a child, she had an easy life. A family that loved her, classmates that admired her, and friends that cherished her. After her older sister's death and her best friends' sudden move out of the city, nothing felt the same for her, both physically and mentally. Growing up, she learned how to hide her pain behind her smile. 9 years later, sixteen year old Carter Smith is excited for her friends to come back. But with a new school year comes new classmates. Will the new guys who call themselves JML change how she feels about the friends she has now?
please be warned that this is my first fanfic so... hope you like it :) COPYRIGHT (c)


5. Just My Luck

Carter's P.O.V.

"JML? What does that stand for?" I ask. What kind of teenagers gives themselves a name? Are they in a gang or something? No, that can't be. I look at their nerdy glasses and erase that idea in my mind.

"It stands for Just My Luck. Isn't it cool?" asks Gabriel happily. His warm smile softens my heart. JML. It has a nice ring to it cute meaning to it. His smile seems to be contagious as it makes its way to my face.

"I know it may sound childish, but we came up with it when we were little.  Due to some... incidents... we've been together since we were eight. We wanted to sound cool so we thought 'hey wouldn't it be cool if we had a name for ourselves?' and that's how it started," said Lewis, embarrassed.

"Guys, we came out here to eat, not tell someone we just me our life story, remember?" growled Damian. He sounded quiet agitated. As if by telepathy, the rest of JML took their seats on the grass. I Guess I know who the leader of the group is. After everyone started eating, it was amazing just how fast boys could become friends. The tension from earlier was had vanished. Already, they were joking around and laughing as if they were always friends.

Ten minute passed and it was almost time to go inside for last period. JML had already left to make sure that they would be the first one in the next class. After throwing out the garbage we left behind, Kevin and I finally made our way inside.

"Are you going to walk home with me? I'm sure Callum will be happy to see you again," I say with a grin as I stopped right in front of him.

"Callum? That guy is in my homeroom class. Do you know what he did to me this morning?! The punched my right in the stomach yelled,'Dude! You're back! Everyone, this is the guy that will make us finally win the Soccer Championship! ' " replied Kevin.

"Haha. Well, you always were good at soccer." I said. When we were little, I remember me, Kevin and Scarlett laying in a soccer field, exhausted from all the playing.

"When I grow up, I'm going to be a professional soccer player," said Kevin gazing up into the blue sky.

"Oh, Yeah? I bet you can't even spell the word proffesional," retorted Scarlett in between breaths.

"Well, how 'bout you? What do you want to be?"

"Me and Scarlett are going to be are going to be princesses, find our prince charming, and then live in a big castle," I said, spreading my warms out wide.

"Ew, you guys are such girls. I don't even know why I hang out with you," replied Kevin getting up and running away.

"Hey, wait up!" said Scarlett and I as we got up and started running to catch up to him.

"Um, oh yeah. About after school, Callum and I were going to look around the school and sign up for some clubs. Can I do a rain check on it?" he said putting his hands softly on my arms." I'm sure if you ask the guys, they'll say yes."

The guys? Oh, he meant Zeland and them. Slightly disappointed, I nodded my head.

"See you tomorrow, my little bunny!" he yelled as he waved his hands, running to his classroom.

"See you tomorrow," I said, even though there is no one here to hear it.



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