Not the Same

As a child, she had an easy life. A family that loved her, classmates that admired her, and friends that cherished her. After her older sister's death and her best friends' sudden move out of the city, nothing felt the same for her, both physically and mentally. Growing up, she learned how to hide her pain behind her smile. 9 years later, sixteen year old Carter Smith is excited for her friends to come back. But with a new school year comes new classmates. Will the new guys who call themselves JML change how she feels about the friends she has now?
please be warned that this is my first fanfic so... hope you like it :) COPYRIGHT (c)


10. Friends

Carter P.O.V.

Damian's van pulled out of the driveway after dropping me home. Standing outside of the front door, I could feel my heart beating really fast. What was mom going to say? Will she be mad at me for not telling her that was going to Zelo's place myself? Gathering my courage, I took out my house keys. I slowly unlocked the first lock. One more lock to go. turning the key, I heard the click of the lock. It's go time.

As I took of my shoes by the door, I looked around to see if anyone was home. I took out my phone and started to text Callum. Hey are you home now? I texted. In no time, I got the reply. 

Yeah, but be careful of mom, he responded. As to not make a sound, I tiptoed towards the stairs only to find mom blocking me from going up.

"We need to talk. Follow me," said Mrs. Smith. Following her into the kitchen, we took our places on the dinner table. As she looks straight into my eyes, I hope she doesn't notice the bruise on my face.

"Do you know what time it is? Where you really with your friends?" she asked. I looked at the microwave. It was 7:13 pm.

"Yes mom," I said redirecting my eyes at her. This time, I'm going to stand up for myself and face my consequences head on. But out of nowhere, a smile started to form on her face. Did I just miss something?

"Mom, what's wrong?" I asked her, confused.

"This is the first time someone asked you to hang out, isn't it?" she said all smiles. I didn't want to admit it, but she was right. But that doesn't mean I'm going to give her that satisfaction.

"Don't think that I don't have any friends, because I have lots of them," I said.

"Haha, ok, ok. So who are they? Are they a boy or a girl?"

"Mom, do we have to talk about this?" I ask. But from the way she's acting, I know she won't give up. "OK, fine. They're guys. They transferred to my school and they're nice, I guess."

"Oh, they're guys? Well, friends are friends. You should invite them over someday!" she exclaimed.

"I have girl friends too!" I said reminding her of Scarlett Anderson.

"Ok, but next time, tell me yourself if you're going to hangout with your friends. And don't stay out too late with them like today. Remember, they're boys."

Yes, mom. I'll be careful," I responded as I headed towards the stairs. Although I know that they won't do anything. If she saw them, she'd know what I mean.

Laying down in bed, I remember what happened at Zelo's place. We watched Star Trek, ate snacks. It sounded boring when they offered, but it was actually pretty fun. Except for the snacks. Instead of chips and popcorn, we fruits that Gabriel cut. They told me that eating to much junk food was bad for you. But I do have to admit, Star Trek is pretty cool. What I found weird was that he lived there by himself. I guess I'll ask his why some other time. Tired from all the fighting and playing, I almost forget that Kevin came back. Taking my phone out, I texted him and Scarlett good night and closed my eyes to fall asleep.

Kevin's P.O.V.

Once I got home, all I could think about was if Carter made it home okay. I guess Zelo brought her home safely. It was 7:30 when I got a text from her.

Hey, it's little bunny. Good night and may your dreams be filled with sweet dreams <3 - Carter.  She didn't forget. Smiling, I didn't notice how good it felt to see her in person. On the screen, she's always smiling. Because I wasn't with her, I don't know if she does with others. Hopefully, I'll be able to make her smile and laugh in front of me everyday.

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