The Girl

Two new girls come to Mistic Falls with a dark past with the Slavators. What did Damon do in 1910 and who did he turn? A new twisted look at Damon's past with two teenage girls. Going between past and present day.


1. In they come

It was a foggy Friday night, Jason had just left one Rebekah's party. He was half way through town when he heard something to his left. He looked over and saw someone, maybe a young girl he went over to the girl. "Hey whats wrong " Jason asked as he crouched next to her " come closer" she whispered in a shaky voice. He leaned in not knowing the danger he was in, she did only look 12 years old. " I'm hungry" she whispered jumping at his neck. Jason felt the blood getting drained from his body. She pushed him away, she looked him in the eyes "all you remember is that you tripped and fell and hit your head and can't remember what happed after you left, now go home" he stood up and walked away. The girl stood up and turned to the end of the ally " so are you ready to see you old flame" she asked as a girl who looked like she was in her 20's came out of the shadows " I can't wait to see Damon" the older girl said.

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