Love Can be Your Worst Enemy

Cheramie Johnson finds out a secret about her family that she would have never thought. Her parent are spies. Her parents work to find out the secrets to government agencies. One day her parents find out a secret about the number one government agency that could affect the world. What happens when the government sends out two people to find Cheramie's family and kill them? What happens when Cheramie starts to fall in love with on of her killers? Will Cheramie's heart get her family killed or will it lead her to love?


1. Author's note

Hey everybody this is my first movellas and I would respect if you do not hate on it. I will try to update a fast as posible, but because of school and homework it might be challenging so just hang in there. I hope you guys will enjoy it. I will post the first chapter tonight or tomorrow it depends. Thanks for clicking on it to read it. :)
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