When I met the Wanted

One day a girl called Samantha meets her favourite band in the world, The Wanted.
If you want to find out what happens and what she does then read the book.


1. Today at school

Today when i went to school and i walked up to my locker and Beautiful Bethany was there and for some wierd reason she said to me hat she  had asked her mum if she knew what one direction was and her mum said yes, of course and then she asked her mum if she knew the wanted was and her mum said no, who are they? and So i told Bethany that her mum will have to keep up on the gossip! And all Bethany did was looked straight at me and then walked away into class and she headed straight to art class and i ddn'tant to do art!, AGAIN. So I walked into Music Class and sat down mrs. Leigh told us that we was all going tolearn a new song called... Chasing the sun and i was soo happy i love the wanted, Nthen, Jay, Tom, Siva & Max are all awesome! So we all started to sing,

" I'm beter, so much better now, i see the light, touch the light were together now, weve only just begun, hypmatized by drums  and then forever comes you'll find us chasing the sun, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, you'll find us chasing the sun...

And then when we were finished my friend, Nut's Natasha shouted out "THAT'S MY FAVOURITE SONG!!!" and i turned to look at her and i smiled. And then all we could here was riiiinnggg, riiiinnggg and everyone stood up and ran out of the class, down the corridor and out of the school onto the field.

 I loved break time because its a time we can actulley not do work at school. When my friend's Nut's Natasha & Awesome Ally came up to me they had 3 tickets in there hands...

I wonder what they were???

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