When I met the Wanted

One day a girl called Samantha meets her favourite band in the world, The Wanted.
If you want to find out what happens and what she does then read the book.


2. The Tickets

When Natasha & Ally came upto me, they said it was nearlly Natasha's birthday and she was going to turn 15 and she said that we was going to a concert for her party and Me and Ally were going to her party with her and I was crossing fingers it would not be a 1D concert, because I really dont like 1D, so i waited for an answer and she called out... " WERE GOING TO SEE "THE WANTED" LIVE" and then we all just started screaming we asked her when it was and she said it was on the thursday and my then my face turned sad and i told her that it was my mums wedding on that day and I told her that Iwill go and tell my mum that i really wanna go, if im lucky she will say "yes". I ran home when it was hometime and ran into the house and shouted "mum!" she turned and....

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