When I met the Wanted

One day a girl called Samantha meets her favourite band in the world, The Wanted.
If you want to find out what happens and what she does then read the book.


3. Telling mum about the concert

My mum looked really happy, I asked her why she is happy and she told me its because its her wedding on Thursday. And I got even more worried! I asked her how much she new I liked The Wanted and she answered back saying "yes, I know you love the wanted and there the best boy band in the world!" So then I told her that Natasha had 3 tickets for me, Ally and her because it was her birthdy. "Could I go please!"

"No, of course not its my wedding what means more me getting married or you going to some band live with your friends."

I thought for a minute and said... " Go see the Wanted live with my mates, because I don't like the man your marrying!!"

" Well your not!!" My mum shouted.

" Shall we go get some chinese from "Chinese Lovers"?" Carl, (my mums new boyfriend) butted in.

"AAARRRRGGGHHH" I screamed as I Stomped up stairs, "Your ruening my LIFE!!"

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