500 ways to mess up

My goal with this book is to find 500 ways to easily mess up on something.

PS I suppose putting this under Humour is kinda laughing at my own joke, but my motto is (I hope we all know what movie this is from) 'Sometimes you have to laugh at your own joke 'cause it's funny' (C)


9. #7

Scenario:  You go to get your lemon smoothie out of the blender.

Mess Up: Your finger gets blended.  You scream so loud that your neighbors call the police, thinking someone attacked you.  When the officers come, one man looks at your bleeding finger. The lemon from the smoothie stings a scab on the cops finger and he gets blood on his hand.  He screams.  The other cop thinks you hurt him and sends you to jail for hurting a cop.  While, the police with the lemon on his finger is too embarrassed to say anything.  You remain in jail for many years.

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