500 ways to mess up

My goal with this book is to find 500 ways to easily mess up on something.

PS I suppose putting this under Humour is kinda laughing at my own joke, but my motto is (I hope we all know what movie this is from) 'Sometimes you have to laugh at your own joke 'cause it's funny' (C)


3. #3

Scenario: You are on a date in a fancy restaurant with your crush.  You tell your crush for him to order you what ever he's giving. (your crush can be an actual guy or celebrity you like, not that celebrities aren't actual guys...) 

Mess Up: Once you get back you notice the food has already arrived.  He tells you it's his favorite food.  Trying to impress him, you tell him it's your favorite too, although you have no idea what it is.   When you start to eat it, you feel hives forming on your stomach and your throat starts to itch.  Your breathing gets all uneasy.  Everyone thinks your choking.  This hairy dude comes over and gives you the hiemlich.  You puke out your entire meal and it goes everywhere.  The manager of the restaurant kicks you out.  What a great first date!

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