Behind Friendeship is love

Sophia and Liam is best friends, but there friendship, is about to be more serious, because Sophia is in love with Niall and Harry is in love with Sophia, But Liam doesn't want her to get a boyfriend...


1. Naked boy

Sophia P.O.V

*riiiinngg* The bell rang, the school was finally over. I had finished 10. grade, and now I didn't have to study anymore. I went home to say hi to my family, before I went on tour with my best friend, the popstar Liam Payne. Liam was a member of the boyband One direction. Liam and I has been friends since always. When I arrived at home, I ran inside and my Family suprised me they had bought cake and coke. I was so happy and the time flew away. suddently a big tour bus was holding outside the house. I had to go. Liam stepped out of the bus, and waited for me.

"Liam" I said, while I hugged him.

"Hey, Sophia" He said laughing. I didn't see him much, because he was on tour and he was recording a new album, but now we had to spent a whole summer together, it couldn't be more fantastic.

Liam P.O.V

"Wow, Sophia hasn't changed at all" I thought, "I'm glad she didn't fangirl in front of me".

We went into the tour bus, then Sophia said hi to the driver, Louis and Zayn, Harry was taking a shower and Niall was eating. I sat in the sofa with the guys and Sophia went to her room to unpack her stuff. Finally came Harry out from the bathroom, but he was totally naked.

"You know Sophia is already here, you maybe shouldn't go around naked." Louis said Smiling, Harry didn't say anything, his head turned totally red, and he ran into his bedroom, but unfortunately I shared room with Harry and Sophia. Sophia came out screaming, I ran up to  her, so I could hug her. About five minuttes later, an embaresed Harry came out of the room.

"I'm so sorry" he said to Sophia.

"It's alright" she answered "I just got a shock"

Then Niall came into the room, he said hi to Sophia, and went for a shower. He came out fast, only with a towel around his waist. 

Sophia was tired, so she went to bed early, me and the boys talked, in a couple of hours, and then we all went to bed. 



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