Behind Friendeship is love

Sophia and Liam is best friends, but there friendship, is about to be more serious, because Sophia is in love with Niall and Harry is in love with Sophia, But Liam doesn't want her to get a boyfriend...


2. First day on tour

Sophia P.O.V.

We had been travelling in 3 days now. Today was the first concert day, There were totally stress in the bus. The manager ran around to be sure everything was alright, but of course it was. Niall and I stepped out of the bus to get away from all the stress.

"how long has you and Liam been best friends?" he asked

"since we were 2 years old" I answered smiling. Niall smiled back, I Liked his smile, it was like he was sweeter than the other 3 guys, but I didn't like him in that way. I Thought. Niall went inside again and i followed him. Louis was sitting in the sofa, watching some TV, Zayn was in the bathroom with two makeup artists, Harry and Liam was in there room getting clothes on. I sat next to Louis, and we talked for a while.

Harry P.O.V.  

Me and Liam were in our room we were about to take our clothes on.

"liam?" I asked

"Yes, Harry what's wrong" He answered confused

"it's because of Sophia""what's about her"

"I think I like her"

Liam didn't say anything, he just looked at me, like my mom do when I did something bad, I shouldn't have said it, I was scared, but I did like her, she was really sweet. Liam was still quiet, not a single word came out of him, he sat on the bed just starring on the door.

"I'm sorry I said it" I said quite sad "of course I'm not sure, but I think I do," he nodded at me, and then we took the rest of our clothes on.

Liam P.O.V.

Harry likes Sophia. No he don't. He wasn't sure. Then he doesn't like her. We where in the "livingroom" Louis and Sophia was sitting on the sofa talking, Niall was watching Tv and Zayn was sitting in a chair, carefully touching his hair.

"Are we ready to roll" Niall said, while turning off the Tv

"Yeah, let's get going" Sophia said, with a big smile on her lipes. I loved her smile, so soft and sweet...

After The Concert


Sophia P.O.V.

It was an amazing concert, all thew boys did it great, but I had it like Harry was looking at me all the time. It was late when we got back to our tour bus, so I just went to bed.


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