How it all started (One Direction not famous)

Kat, Juliet, Harry and Zayn are best friends. Harry and Zayn are the popular boys that can sing. Everything was perfect, they thought they'd stay best friends and nothing more. But what happens when Niall, Liam and Louis move in? Will they all be able to stay friends or will the boys fall for the girls? This story is about the strength of friendship, the destruction of jealousy and the power of love.


6. Signing Up

Juliet's P.O.V

We went with Alex to see his friends that rave about us all the time. We walked into the senior's classroom and it was like jungle. "Oh my!" Kat exclaimed. "Oh mon dieu." I said. The class looked at me, "It means Oh My God." Kat said with a smirk. "French." A guy said walking towards us. "My name is Edward." He said shaking mine and Kat's hand, charming. He is tall with honey colored eyes, long brown hair, but not too long, it is wavy. He's very fit and has a good sense in style. "Ravi de vous rencontrer." I said smirking. Kat started laughing, "What did she say?" Edward asked confused. "Nice to meet you." I said. "Alright, how bout we just talk English." Alex said laughing.

Some other boys came, "So are these the guys you were telling me about?" Kat asked Alex. "That's right New York." "Eric, Aaron and Caleb." Alex said introducing the boys. We smiled and talked about school and they talked about some colleges they want to go to.

The girls looked like they wanted to kill us, later on we found out why. Supposedly Alex, Edward, Aaron, Caleb and Eric are the most popular boys in class. Every girl wants to be with them, but they don't give the senior girls time of their day. There are few senior girls, maybe 6, they weren't very attractive. They were all over done, too much make up.

"Anyway we have to go." Kat said. "au revoir." I said waving. We got back to class and as usual Harry and Zayn interrogated us more than our boyfriends. I understand they're our best friends and all, but sometimes it just too much.

Class started and we took our seats, Daniel passed me a note. "Today we're crashing Kat's house :D pass it down." I looked up at him and chuckled. Daniel is tall with a mix of light and dark brown hair, green-blue eyes, great body and amazing jaw line. At least that's how Kat describes him. I passed the note to Jason, he passed it to Haz, Haz passed it to Zayn. So it was settled crazy party at Kat's.

It was lunch time and Alex's group came and hung out with us, "So do you have detention today New York?" Alex asked Kat. "Yep." She said smirking. We all looked at each other and smiled, it'll make our job easier. Someone needed to stay with her though, then Alex said, "Well I'm practicing soccer today." He said winking. Well, I guess we found our guy for the job. Today Kat brought clothes with her so she changed in the school.

We went over her house and started, me and Jason went and got major junk food. Harry and Zayn made a CD and Dan got the whole thing ready. Johnny went out with his friends, he said something about not wanting to stick around for a cheesy high school party. The seniors came, everyone in our class came except Elizabeth and her crew, which is good because if they did Kat would have kicked everyone out.

She came in with Alex, "Surprise!" We all screamed together. "Oh my god! But why?" She said confused. "We were bored and you've been down so what better way to make you happy." Dan said kissing her. We partied pretty hard, but clean, no alcohol. I called my dad and asked if I could sleep over, he said yes. So we basically stayed up all night talking and laughing. Harry picked up some girl, not from our school, the Casanova. His fling was over by the end of the night.

We went to school the next day tired. "Miss Bonnet what is the answer?" The history teacher asked. My head shot up, "Queen Elizabeth." Kat said saving me from embarrassment. Alex and Edward walked in, "Hey Broadway and Paris." Alex said walking towards us. "So are we gonna have a new name everyday?" Kat asked smirking. "I don't know yet Manhattan." He said winking. "Anyway we came to ask if you have voices or if you know how to act." Edward asked. "We have voices and know how to act." I chuckled. "Well, we wanna form a band, would you like to be main vocals. Or be in the Romeo and Juliet play." Alex asked. "Well imma be in dat debate Mr. Kingston is having. And I might be in the play, don't know yet." Kat said. "You're actually gonna try out?" Zayn asked her. She nodded. "Well I'll try out for the play too." Alex said messing up Kat's hair. "See you later girls." Edward said as they walked out. "Since when are you into acting?" I asked Kat. "I'm not. But it'd be fun to try out the whole Romeo Romeo let you hair down." She answered. "That's Rapunzel." Harry said laughing. "See I need work." She smirked. "Why don't we make our own band? Like Jason knows how to play drums, I know how to play guitar. Juliet knows how to play piano and sing , Kat can play guitar an sing Harry knows how to sing. And Zayn can't you play the triangle?" Dan said excitedly. "He knows how to sing too Daniel." Kat said shooting him a death stare. "Alright then. We got a band!" Jason said laughing. "Maybe, why not?" I said shrugging. "Awesome, but I still wanna try out Romeo and Juliet." Kat said. "Come on let's go sign up." Zayn said pulling Kat out. "Jason lets go sign us up for the singing competition." I said grabbing Jason's hand.

We all met up at the end of the day, "Alright we're all signed up! Oh and I decided to sign up for the play" I said. "Awesome boo. And so are me and Zayn." Kat said smiling. "Kat on Monday you're going to be showing those new students around." I said laughing. "Shit! Today is Friday! The debate is Tuesday!" Kat screamed. We all went home and started practicing, I skyped Jason and he heard me play piano, and he loved it. Can't wait for the competition.

Then my phone started ringing, it was Kat. "Hey Katty." My little pet name for her. "Jules, I called the principal to find out a little more about the new students. So they're three boys, not related just best friends. Their names are Niall, Liam and Louis, they're in our grade." "That's awesome Kat." "Ya, now I was thinking to help out a bit, we should befriend them. What do you think?" "That's a great idea. Why not? Listen I'll talk to you later. I'm going to my grandparents house. Bye love." I said hanging up the phone. Looks like we're adding a trio to our group.

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