How it all started (One Direction not famous)

Kat, Juliet, Harry and Zayn are best friends. Harry and Zayn are the popular boys that can sing. Everything was perfect, they thought they'd stay best friends and nothing more. But what happens when Niall, Liam and Louis move in? Will they all be able to stay friends or will the boys fall for the girls? This story is about the strength of friendship, the destruction of jealousy and the power of love.


2. Promise Ring

Juliet's P.O.V

I noticed the girls giving Kat dirty looks, I don't understand why they're jealous because Mr. Kingston asked for her, pathetic. "Harry, can you come up and find "x" for me?" Mrs. Law asked. "Sure." Harry smiled.

He got up and hit me on the back of my head, I looked up at him and he just looked down and smirked. He circled the letter "x" , "Found it." All the the girls started giggling, me and Kat looked at each other and rolled our eyes. "No Mr. Styles. That's wrong. This is how you find the answer." Harry stood there and flipped his hair every now and then.

The bell rang and I took my phone out to see if Jason answered, nope. "Lunch time!!" Harry said grabbing his bag. The girls were waiting by the door for Zayn and Harry. Kat was sitting and talking to Daniel, laughing. Zayn and Harry were by the girls, I miss Jason. "Boo you ready?" Kat asked walking towards me.

Kat is tall a couple inches taller than me. She has long, light brown hair and sky blue eyes. She has a curvy body, the Kim Kardasian type of body. She is very smart, we nicknamed her the philosopher, she dissects everything and has two or more views about all kinds of things. She's also from New York, I love how she talks so fast that people can't keep up.

I stood up and smiled at her, she grabbed my hand and we went through the girls. Harry and Zayn caught up, we walked around campus. Daniel had his arm around Kat's waist. "Kat you got me red bull?" Zayn asked her. She took a can out of her messenger bag and threw it at Zayn, when he opened it it popped all over him. We started laughing.

I saw someone running towards us from the distance, Jason. He ran up to me and hugged me while spinning me around. He kissed me, "I missed you, so I came." He said looking down at me. Jason is tan, tall with light green eyes, and has a fit body. He's Taylor Lautner from neck down. His hair was light brown and spiky, but very soft. And he wears hipster glasses, not for fashion, but he's a huge nerd.

"Hey boys!" He said looking at the boys. "And Miss Liberty." He said to Kat. She smirked and Zayn grabbed her arm pulling her to the side. Dan is used to it by now, Zayn does it a lot.

I felt a ring on Jason's finger, I held up his hand to see. "Is that a promise ring?" He winked at me. And put his had in his pocket and took out a gold ring with an infinity sign on the top beaded with gems, he got on his knee and said, "Will you do me the honors of wearing this promise ring?" I heard Kat scream behind me. I jumped on him causing us both to fall and said yes. I put it on proudly and put my arm in between his and we walked.

We went into the building and there was a piece of paper on the bulletin board. "Hey sign ups for that singing competition." Harry said smiling. "They're redoing Romeo and Juliet this year." Zayn said excitedly. "Hahaha can Elizabeth be Juliet? Just to watch her kill herself at the end." Kat smirked. "Catherine Jones. The principal would like to see you." The secretary said looking at Kat. She smirked, "Wish me luck." She said pecking Dan on the lips. She walked away.

"Hey Juliet, you still play piano right?" Harry asked looking at me. "A little." I answered confused. "Good then you'll be on piano for my performance." "Whatever." I said walking away with Jason.

"I'm so happy we did this." Jason said kissing my head. "What?" I asked looking up at him. "The promise ring. I know we don't need it, but just wearing something to show everyone how much we love each other, brings me so much joy." He said smiling. I looked up at him and smiled kissing him on the cheek.

I saw Kat come out of the office flustered. I ran up to her, "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Detention. And I have to clean the soccer field! And there are new students coming next week and I have to show them around!" She screamed. "I'll help you." "She said I have to do everything alone! Ugh! I hate her!" She yelled again. I tried to hug her, but she's stubborn so she just walked off. Jason came and grabbed my waist, "What's wrong?" "The principal is punishing her." I saw Dan run after her, the boys came by us. "What's wrong?" They asked together. "The principal is making her clean the football field, detention, and she has to be a tour guide next week." I said frowning. "She's being absurd, we'll help." Zayn said smirking. "No help." The smirk slowly went from his face.

The bell rang and we went to class, our Chemistry teacher was absent so we had English, poor Kat. "Miss Jones, I'll be seeing you here after school. Do not forget. We already informed your brother, he seems disappointed." Mrs. Watson smirked. Kat just looked at her and sat down.

School finished and I hugged Kat goodbye, I went home with Jason. Today is study night. I hate studying, but it gives me an excuse to be with Jason.

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