How it all started (One Direction not famous)

Kat, Juliet, Harry and Zayn are best friends. Harry and Zayn are the popular boys that can sing. Everything was perfect, they thought they'd stay best friends and nothing more. But what happens when Niall, Liam and Louis move in? Will they all be able to stay friends or will the boys fall for the girls? This story is about the strength of friendship, the destruction of jealousy and the power of love.


8. "Good Boy Haz"

Juliet's P.O.V

I woke up, went to the bathroom and washed up. I got a text message,

From: Kat ❤

Be prepared they're cute!! ;)

I chuckled, classic Kat. I got dressed into a light blue, sleeveless ruffled shirt, white mini shorts a bunch of bracelets and white flats. I straightened my hair and put a head band with a blue flower on it. I applied some eye liner and nude lip gloss.

I was about to wake my dad up, but someone knocked on the door. I went to get it and Jason was standing in front of me with a rose in his hand, "Good morning beautiful." He said kissing me on the cheek. "Morning." I smiled. "I came to drive you to school." He said. "Oh okay. Let me tell my dad." I said excited. I knocked on my parents door and stuck my head threw the crack, "Daddy, Jason is going to drive me. Bye love you." I whispered. He moaned and I took it as a yes.

I grabbed my bag and Jason turned around signaling me to jump on his back, I shrugged and listened. We were both laughing and then I saw Harry walking towards us, he lives in the same neighborhood, a block away. I got off Jason's back and put a book by my bum, we don't need a repeat of Friday. He laughed, "I came to walk with you to school." He said. "Really Haz walk?" I asked. The school is really far away from my house. "Well actually hitch a ride with you and your father." He said smiling. "Juss ride wit us mate." Jason said smiling. "Thanks." Harry said getting into the back.

I sat in the passenger's seat, we put Gym Class Heroes and sang along. We got to school and went up to class, Kat was sitting on Daniel's lap, when she saw me she jumped up and ran to me. "Juliet! I missed you!" She said hugging me. She grabbed my hand and brought me to the three new boys. They stood up, wow they are cute. "This is Niall, Liam and Louis." She said pointing to them. I shook their hands, "Nice to meet you." I said smiling. "Wow her accent is awesome." Louis said in awe. I giggled, "Thank you." I said.

Harry met them, "Okay so seating arrangements." Harry said after he finished shaking their hands. "Well there's an empty seat next to me, Kat and Zayn." I said. "Listen I'll sit next to Juliet, and someone can sit in my seat." Harry suggested. We all looked at each other and nodded in agreement. "I'll sit in curly's seat." Louis said smiling. "I guess I'll sit next to Zayn, we hit it off pretty well." Liam smiled. "Okay Niall that means you're next to me." Kat said smiling. "Uhh sure." He said with his hand on the back of his head.

The teacher walked in and we took our seats, Harry sat before I did and he sat on the desk to the outside. "Haz move." I said. "Nope, too lazy." He said sinking in his seat. "I need to get in, move over." I said. "Just climb over me." He said winking. I sighed and went from behind and jumped into my seat, "And you thought I'd actually climb over you." I whispered to him. He just smirked. We started class and the teacher was writing some notes on the board and Harry pinched my thigh. "Ouch!" I screamed. The teacher turned around and looked towards our direction, Harry had his hand over his mouth laughing. She looked at us and turned back around, "I'll kill you." I said looking at him. He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. I continued paying attention and then I felt a stinging pain on my back, Harry pulled my bra strap from the back and let go, it made a loud noise. The teacher turned around again, "What was that?" She asked. Harry bent down and picked up his pencil, "My pencil dropped." He grinned.

Class finished and I was furious, Kat came by us, "What's wrong?" She asked looking at us. "He was hurting me!" I screeched. She smiled and patted Harry on the head, "Good boy Haz." She said walking away. We finished two classes and Harry didn't try anything again. We went to lunch, but we couldn't go to our hideout because students and teachers were everywhere.

Niall, Liam and Louis hung out with us, they're really cute and funny. Louis seems like a little troublemaker, him and Harry hit it off. Liam is a gentleman, unlike Haz and Niall is a bit shy nothing like Harry. Harry he's something. "Where's Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower?" Alex said walking towards us. Edward was with him, "Hey Juliet." He said giving me a hug. Jason came by me and held my hand, "Looking sweet girls." Alex winked. "I see some new meat." He added. "Well not new, 16 years old actually." Louis said smirking. They laughed, "I like this one." Alex said pretend punching Louis's arm. We talked for a while and the boys became instantly popular.

We went to the theater because today is try outs for Romeo and Juliet. Niall tried out too, he came with me, Kat, Zayn, Alex and Edward. "Why are you here? You're not gonna get any part, maybe cleaning the trash." Elizabeth said to Kat. Niall was shocked, he's new to this. "Oh but I don't think I'd be able to carry you all the way to the trash can." She smirked. We all chuckled, Lizzy gasped, puffed and walked away.

"Okay welcome students. Now as you all know we will be doing Romeo and Juliet. However, a modern day version. The students that get the roles will know more, now lets start the auditions." Our drama teacher said.

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