How it all started (One Direction not famous)

Kat, Juliet, Harry and Zayn are best friends. Harry and Zayn are the popular boys that can sing. Everything was perfect, they thought they'd stay best friends and nothing more. But what happens when Niall, Liam and Louis move in? Will they all be able to stay friends or will the boys fall for the girls? This story is about the strength of friendship, the destruction of jealousy and the power of love.


3. Detention

Kat's P.O.V

"Can I at least go home and change my clothes?" I asked Mrs. Watson. "You have 20 minutes." She said opening her newspaper. I went into my car and drove home. I saw John sitting and watching tv, "Kat, can I talk to you?" "Later Johnny. I have 10 minutes." I said going up to my room. I put a pair of jeans on and a sweatshirt with my converse.

I went back to the school and Mrs. Watson was waiting outside with a garbage bag. "Here you go. Oh and put your hair up, we don't want you dirtying it." She said handing me the bag. I put my hair up in a bun and got started, there was a boy playing soccer there though. "Hey you gotta leave. I needa clean." I screamed over the field. He was shirtless and sweaty, he ran towards me. He was a senior he stood in front of me breathing heavily, I grabbed a towel from the bench and threw it at him. "Thanks, so what did you do?" He asked smiling. "Disrespected the teacher." I said sitting on the bench. "Your that chick from New York. You and your French girl are famous in our class." He said smiling. "I don't wanna know why." I said getting up.

I started picking up the trash and throwing it into the bag. Then he came and started helping, "What's your name?" I asked looking at him. "Alex." "Listen Alex, put a shirt on. And you can't help me, your not allowed to." I said handing him his shirt. "Well this won't be the first time I do something I'm not allowed to." He winked. He wouldn't budge, he wasn't going anywhere, he was as stubborn as I am.

We finished in an hour and I was surprised Mrs. Watson didn't come and check on me. "Well we're done." Alex said falling to the ground. I laughed I couldn't help it, he had his arms and legs apart and he just looked ridiculous. He was very tall, with a golden tan, an amazing body and dirty blonde hair, with hazel eyes. He grabbed my hand and threw me on the ground with him, I was next to him on the ground still laughing.

I got up without looking at him and dusted of my pants, "Anyways. I have detention, but thank you." I said smiling. He got up, "We should hang out tomorrow. Like my gang and yours." "Sure." I said smiling. I said good bye and left. Mrs. Watson let me go home early, that's good because I have my date with Dan tonight. I went home, took a shower and got dressed.

It was 6:30 and I was all ready to go. Johnny came out to me and asked me to come into the family room. I sat down on the couch and he sat in front of me. "Listen Kat, I love you and you know that. I'm your older brother and your guardian. You were young when Mom and Dad died and I know it's hard on you. Is that why you're acting out? Because of mom and dad?" He said holding my hand. I felt a tear run down my cheek, "I barley knew them." I said getting up and walking away. He grabbed my wrist, turning me around and pulling me into a hug. I started crying more, he let go of me and wiped my tears. He kissed me on the forehead and we heard beeping outside, "Go have fun." He said hugging me again.

I left and walked into the car, "Hey why are you crying?" Daniel asked kissing my cheek. "Heart filled talk with my bro." I said smiling. "Alrighty then. Let's go." He said starting the car. We got to the movies and Zayn was there with some chick. "Hey Kat!" He said walking towards me with Elizabeth, great. "What are you doing here Zayn?" I asked irritated. "We're watching Leś Miserableś." Zayn answered. I looked over at Dan, "So are we." He said laughing. "Well it's going to start in 20 minutes." Elizabeth said pulling Zayn's arm. Daniel grabbed my hand and we went and sat on the tables they had in front of the theaters.

I sat in the middle of Zayn and Dan. Elizabeth was sitting next to Zayn. She was annoying him, I could tell from the way he was shifting in his seat. She tried holding his hand, but he didn't let her. "Oh my God! Yesterday I was on twitter and there was this Grammar Nazi that wasn't giving me a break." She said. "Well if you didn't fail first grade, that wouldn't happen." I remarked. Zayn smirked and Dan chuckled. "Why are you so annoying? Show some etiquette." She said crossing her arms. "You've got to be kidding me. I have to deal with this for 20 minutes?!" I said. Dan held my hand signaling for me to stop. Zayn just sat there silently.

Dan started kissing me and then my neck, "No Dan stop. Not here." I said pulling myself away. "Oh c'mon." He said continuing. "No please stop." "She said stop!" Zayn snapped. "Stay out of this mate. She's my girlfriend." Daniel spat. "And she's telling you to stop." Zayn said moving closer. "Why do you even care Zayn?" Liz asked grabbing his arm. He stood up, "The movie is gonna start." He said walking towards the theater. We got up an followed. I sat between Zayn and Dan, Liz sat by Zayn's side.

We finished the movie and Daniel wanted to take me to dinner, but I had to be with Johnny. He drove me home and John was sitting looking through the pictures. I went by him and he smiled at me and we looked at them together. I remember falling asleep with my head on his lap and waking up in bed.

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