How it all started (One Direction not famous)

Kat, Juliet, Harry and Zayn are best friends. Harry and Zayn are the popular boys that can sing. Everything was perfect, they thought they'd stay best friends and nothing more. But what happens when Niall, Liam and Louis move in? Will they all be able to stay friends or will the boys fall for the girls? This story is about the strength of friendship, the destruction of jealousy and the power of love.


1. Kit Kat

Kat's P.O.V

"Kat, Kat! Get up!" Johnny said shaking me. Johnny is my very annoying, self absorbed older brother, but I love him. "I'm awake!" I said throwing a pillow at him. I washed up and got dressed ( ). I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a pop tart.

"Why do you wear heels and dress like you're going to a party?" Johnny said biting into his bagel.

"Aria, Spencer and Hannah from Pretty Little liars." I said smirking.

"It's a show." He said rolling his eyes. "And they're hot and well you're not." He added walking out.

I rolled my eyes and walked towards my car. "Come on Juliet pick up, pick up." I said to myself in the car. Juliet is my best friend, if it wasn't for her I'd be lost in Britain. Juliet is tall, but not too tall she's around 5ft 4 inches. She's skinny but with a bum (haha the British in me), the perfect Barbie body. She has piercing emerald green eyes and long, wavy brown hair with light brown highlights. And she's really smart, so the whole package. Beautiful. She's French, gets anything she wants with that accent. She came out wearing ( ).

"Hello beautiful." She said getting in my car. I smiled. "Someone needs to start picking up their phone." I said nudging her.

"Sorry, it's on vibrate." She said taking her phone out. "I'm Mr. Brightside." My killers ringtone. "It's Haz." I said looking at Juliet. "Morning Harry. I'm coming, juss a bit late. So we're used to lectures. Just get back to class." I said hanging up. "Teacher is asking where we are." We both started laughing.

We opened the door to our classroom and walked in. "Please walk out and knock on the door." I looked at my teacher and I rolled my eyes. We knocked and walked back in.

"You're late again."

"Well there are two things I can say about that. First we're either fashionably late or you all are just really early." I said smirking.

The class chuckled, "Is that sarcasm I hear in your tone?" The stern English teacher asked me.

"Of course not ma'am." "You have detention for the whole week."

"You can not give me anymore joy." I smiled.

"Excuse me? That's it. Juliet no detention for your respect. Catherine detention for the whole week. Now take your seat or you'll be going to the principle's office." I turned around and looked at her while Juliet went and sat down.

"You know I didn't say hi to her this morning." She looked at me, "Taking my seat." I said walking towards my desk. Zayn whispered in my ear, "You are so stubborn and rude." I turned around and he was smirking. I rolled my eyes and took my notebook out. Class finished and I walked over to my besties. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Juliet.

"That was so rude Kat." Juliet said punching my arm. "Whatever, she needs a vaca." I said sitting on top of the desk.

"She still is a teacher." Zayn said.

"Says the one that annoys the heck out of the Math teacher." He started laughing.

"Oh god." Zayn said looking disgusted. I felt arms around my waist, I smiled. "Daniel."

"Hello my American sweetheart." I turned around and kissed him. "I love the little scene you made." He said smiling.

I turned around, "At least someone appreciated it." I said smirking at my friends.

"Has anyone seen Jason?" Juliet asked. "He's absent." Harry smirked. Juliet pouted and started texting him. Daniel grabbed my chin to face him, "You wanna see a film today?"

"Sure, pick me up a 7."

"Can't wait." He said kissing me on the forehead and walking away.

"Do you really have to do that in front of us?" Zayn asked.

"Jealous much? Why don't you find a girl already."

"Oh please Kit Kat all the girls are drooling for us." Harry said cockily. "It's Kat no Kit. Just Kat." I hissed. I hate when he calls me Kit Kat. "Actually it's Catherine." Zayn said grinning. I rolled my eyes and punched his arm. "Take your seats please." Our history teacher said walking in.

He's around 25 years old, every girl loved him, gross. "Kat, can you come up here and tell us about The Declaration of Independence."

"Can someone else go?" I asked. "No you." Zayn pushed my desk, and I stubbornly got up.

"Can you juss ask questions while I sit? I'm not really good at this."

"You're 16 years old, soon you'll be in college. Have some confidence." He said opening his book.

"Who wrote it?" "Thomas Jefferson."

This popular girl I hate with a passion raised her hand, "Actually it was George Washington." I laughed, "Oh god. Please don't try to be smart. You're so wrong. Thomas Jefferson wrote it and after that there was a war. Then George Washington was elected for President. Please go back to trying to beautify yourself." I said smirking.

She stood up, "Are you trying to start something?" "I'm sorry, but I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man." Everyone started laughing. She sat down and crossed her arms.

"Okay that's enough. Thank you Kat you can sit down." The teacher said smirking. I took my seat and started taking some notes.

About 20 minutes later, the girl turned around and said, "I'm not a man." "Wow. It took you that long for a comeback. That just reflects your stupidity." I said smiling. I heard Zayn chuckle behind me, "Just pay attention." I told her. She huffed and turned around.

After class finished Juliet came by my desk. "Kat don't be so hard on Elizabeth." She said holding my hand. "She's so stuck up and annoying." I said sitting back. "We know she's an airhead but you doing that makes you look mean." I looked at her knowing she's right.

"May I speak to Catherine?" The history teacher asked by the door. My math teacher nodded and told me I was excused. "What's up Mr. Kingston?" I asked smiling. "As you know the debate is coming up and I would love for you to be in it." He said handing me the paper. "Juliet too?" I asked curiously. "Not this time, next time definitely. As you know we only choose seniors, so I want to start a trial with 11th graders starting with you." "Okay sure." I said smiling. "Thank you." He said walking away.

I walked back in class and the math teacher smiled at me, she's sweet. I felt all the girls giving me death stares.

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