Unexpected Love...

Emily, 17, really isn't a fan of One direction, but when her best friend Georgia,17 drags her of to London for a One Direction meet and greet, something happens that Emily really wasn't expecting...


2. The Night Before

Two weeks had passed since me and Georgia found out about the One Direction Meet and greets, and tomorrow was the big day. I was staying round Georgia's that night so we could set of early the next morning. Georgia was constantly playing the songs from One Directions new album, 'Take Me Home'. I had to admit to myself, they were already growing on me.

I was really quite nervous about meeting them as whenever I do actually meet someone famous, I act like a complete goon and go bright red with the goofiest smile ever, and the pictures I have are just the worst. So we both sat on her bed practicing our smiles and making sure we packed plenty of makeup to look decent when we get to meet them. I was getting excited by now.

We played loads of music by all of the acts that were due to perform. I love Daley, I have already seen him in concert and he isn't very well known bless him, but he has just released a song with Jessie J which is amazing, my favourite of his songs though has to new Pretty Wings, I just love it. We were so excited about the next day. We then thought it would be best to get some sleep as we wanted to look as good as possible in front of One Direction.

As I lay in bed I just thought about my opinions of One Direction, Georgia told me that she would change my opinions of them, and she was right, she has, a couple of weeks ago I was dreading this concert, but now, I am probably the most excited person in the world, along with Gee. I wondered why I was so excited and I could pick out so many good things about the band, for starters they are all bloody beautiful, especially Louis, he is just gorgeous with he brown hair and blue eyes. And their music, I hated it at first but, it really is quite catchy and enjoyable, I love Little Things, it's just, so calming and comforting. And then there is their voices, they are just perfect. They can sing amazingly, I mean I wish I could sing like them!

Oh my gosh Emily, what have you become.
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