Unexpected Love...

Emily, 17, really isn't a fan of One direction, but when her best friend Georgia,17 drags her of to London for a One Direction meet and greet, something happens that Emily really wasn't expecting...


1. The News



"Oh my God! Emily, have you heard One Directions new song? It's AMAZING!!" My best friend Georgia yelled in my ear whilst we were walking to school; she is a huge fan of One Direction. It's creepy the extent she goes too really:she has the dolls, the posters, fan accounts on twitter, their books, calendars, albums, pretty much everything. We are both 17 and go to college together, and are pretty much inseparable.
"Uh, no." I replied, wishing I was in still in bed.
"Here listen!" She said forcing an earphone in my ear.
"I'd rather not thanks." I'm not really a fan, don't get me wrong I don't think they are terrible, but they just aren't my 'thing'; whatever floats your boat I guess.

After Georgia spent all day listening and talking about One Direction, we walked back to hers to just chat and have a laugh. This is the usual, we either go to hers or mine, changes daily. So we got to hers to find her mum sat at the table with the cheesiest grin EVER on her face. We were both extremely confused. After a few seconds, Dawn pulled out from behind her back, an envelope. We walked over, intrigued by what could be inside, and ripped it open. Georgia was gob smacked, she stood back, mouth open wide, and screamed, deafening me and Dawn. I peered over her shoulder and in her hands, were two One Direction meet and greet tickets. Even I was shocked, and I'm hardly a fan of them. After she had gotten over the initial surprise, she turned and looked at me. I knew exactly what she was going to say.
"No." I said firmly. "No, no, no. It'll be a wasted ticket, I won't enjoy my self!"
"Oh come on Em," she replied, "I can change your opinion of them, I just know I can! Please come, I wouldn't want to take anyone else but you! PLEASE!?" She begged.
"Let me sleep on it?" There is no way remotely possible to get out of this; Georgia is extremely persuasive; there was no point me wasting energy on something that was going to happen anyway, at least I got the point across that I really wasn't interested in going.

I went home at around seven. Mum was cooking some spaghetti bolognese, and my brothers, Freddie and Billy were watching tv with Freddie's girlfriend Scarlett. After dinner I just went upstairs to bed, I was so tired and just wanted to relax in peace and quiet. I lay in bed thinking about One Direction and the meet and greet. I knew the support acts were going to be amazing, for sure, it was only Olly Murrs and Little Mix, and there was some other singer called Daley who me and Georgia had never heard of. I was weighing up the pros and cons. And somehow the pros seemed to come out on top.

Cons: I won't enjoy One Direction.
I have to meet One Direction.

Pros: I get to see Little Mix, Olly Murs, and Daley.
I get to brag about meeting One Direction and watch them live.
I get to go to London for it.

So I decided maybe going wouldn't be so bad after all.

I phoned Georgia and told her the news.
"I have been thinking Gee, maybe going wouldn't be so bad, I really have thought about it, and it could be fun I guess." I started.
"OMG I KNEW YOU WOULD COME ROUND! I AM SO EXCITED IT IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!" She replied, I had to pull the phone away from my ear at that point because she was screaming so loud. We spoke for a while longer , her mainly going on about the boys and how much I would get to like them. Thats when I hung up and fell asleep.

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