Unexpected Love...

Emily, 17, really isn't a fan of One direction, but when her best friend Georgia,17 drags her of to London for a One Direction meet and greet, something happens that Emily really wasn't expecting...


6. The Meet and Greet

Georgia and I just stood in the door way watching, they hadn't noticed us yet. We just stood there quietly trying to figure out what we should do next. Naill, Zayn and Liam were over by the food and Louis and Harry were sat on the sofa with their back to the door and is standing by it. That's when Peter spoke up, "Lads, I would like to introduce you to a couple of girls, we have Georgia and Emily," he pointed us both out, and I hid slightly behind Georgia from Louis, I didn't know to say or do. They all turned around, got up and strolled towards us, "Hey girls," Liam said, he was first to walk up to us, Louis the last behind Harry. Georgia wrapped her arms around Liam as he walked over, and I did the same to Niall, Louis was speaking to Pete who had walked over to the food table to enjoy the goodies hat had been set out. "Hi," I said shakily to Niall, "I'm Emily."
"Hey," he said in his beautiful Irish accent, "there is no need to be shy or nervous!"
"Yeah!"Liam added, "we don't bite, I swear!" He laughed a bit then stepped aside so Zayn and Harry could greet us.
Georgia practically leapt on to Harry, "Woah!" He said, holding her up, holding back a laugh.
"I can't believe this!" Georgia screamed! "I can't believe we are here with you right now! This is crazy!"
I hugged Zayn and greeted him. "Hey" I said, grinning.

We all walked across the room and that's when Louis glanced round, went to turn back to Peter to say bye, and then he recognised me, Georgia and Harry walked over to the sofa, but all I could focus on was Louis, he walked over, without taking his eyes off of me, "Hey" he said when he got closer.
"Hi" I replied smiling at the ground. He put his hand on mine, and I flinched at his touch, I looked up to see his beautiful blue eyes looking straight at me. "Erm, I'm Emily," I started, "it's great to meet you."
"Yeah, it's great to meet you too." He replied, but he really meant it, if one of them met another fan, they would say that, but not really mean it, but I could tell he did, He really did mean it. "Come sit down." He said, and he grabbed my hand and led me towards a corner sofa at the other side of the room. I followed him, focusing on his warm hand holding mine.

I noticed Georgia and Harry flirting as I followed Louis, I gave her a quick smile and she smiled back, clearly enjoying herself. Louis and I discussed random stuff for ages, we talked bout each others life, and random stuff that we like, or hate. We seemed to have so much in common, it was crazy. And when I was with him, it was like there was nobody else around, just me and him. Our time seemed to go on forever, but before we knew it Peter spoke up and said "Time to go girlies." We all turned around to look at him.
Me and Louis looked back at each other again, we were both thinking the same thing, "Is this the end of what we have? Will we ever see each other again? Are we just going to forget about each other, and act like this never happened? What?"
"Will I see you again Emily?" Louis asked as I went to get up. He grabbed my hand and pulled me back down again.
"I don't know, I mean, you're Louis Tomlinson from One Direction," I started "surely by tomorrow you will have forgotten all about this, us?" I was nervous, I didn't know what to do.
"Are you kidding? Emily, what I feel for you will stay with me forever, and if I never saw you again, well I don't know what I would do.." I could hear Georgia and Harry having a similar discussion in the background, Harry really likes her, I can't tell, they were having so much fun before, giggling, chatting and they were getting along great.
I turned to face Louis again, "I would love to see you again, but surely you are so busy? When would you? How would you?"
"Pass me your phone." He commanded.
I just looked at him for a moment, confused, then I pulled my phone out of my pocket. He typed in his number and passed it back. "Text me." He then said.
I agreed and we both stood up, I turned away and started walking towards the door. But he grabbed my arm stopping me from going any further. I turned around, and as I did, he planted a strong forceful kiss on my lips. When he pulled away, I had my eyes closed, and when I opened them he was stood there with those gorgeous blue eyes again, and smiled at me.
"You better go," he said, "you don't want to get on the bad side of Pete, not pretty." I laughed, and he walked me over to the door.
"Bye Zayn, Niall, Liam! It was really nice meeting you. They all waved from where they were slouched on the sofa, they had clearly eaten too much food. I giggled and waved back.
As we reached the door Louis wrapped his arms around me, and held me in a long, soft hug. I felt his warmth against me, and I liked it. I was going to seriously miss him.

Pete led us out the door, Georgia and Harry said their goodbyes, and smiled at each other as they walked away. As we were led down the ally, me and Georgia looked at each other and burst out laughing. We knew exactly what each other had been getting up to, we had been peeking over at each other all after noon. It had been such an amazing day. I think I might be in love...
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