Unexpected Love...

Emily, 17, really isn't a fan of One direction, but when her best friend Georgia,17 drags her of to London for a One Direction meet and greet, something happens that Emily really wasn't expecting...


4. The Journey

During the train journey me and Georgia listened and sang along to One Direction, some Daley, Little Mix and Olly Murs, we were just so excited. We finally got to Euston, we jumped off the train and ran down the platform, "Come on Emily!!" Georgia yelled running off ahead, I was trying to keep up with my bag banging against my leg, "Hey! Slow down! Wait for me!" We ran off towards the main part of the station, we got there and stood in the centre of all the commotion, people running to catch their trains to work or to see their families, but me and Georgia had all the time in the world, the venue wasn't too far away so we could walk there when we were ready.

We popped into M&S and grabbed a drink. We then found somewhere to sit and sat talking about the boys. "I can't wait to see Harry!" Georgia said. She loves him so much, he is her complete favourite.
"Yeah well I can't wait to see Liam." I replied. Liam is my favourite, I just love his crew cut and how he is just adorable and mature at the same time. I just really like that. We carried on speaking about them for about 20 minutes when we decided to make our way to the arena. Because we have meet and greets we get entry into the venue early. We get to meet them after their performance but we get to be in the arena before anybody else is allowed in, it's going to be so exciting.

So we walked up to the big, buff, doorman, and we show him our tickets. "Hi," I started, "we are here for the meet and greet, we get in early as well."
He looked down at us, and winked, letting us in. Once we walked through the door we saw people running around everywhere trying to get things ready. There was no other fans here, which possibly meant we were the only people with meet and greets. Georgia was speechless. "Gee," I elbowed her in the arm, "come on, I think it's is way!"
"Okay! Okay! I just can't believe we are finally here! And in just a few hours we get to meet them!" At that point she dived in for a hug, she squeezed so tight around me.
"Yeah! I'm pretty excited as well!" I replied, "Now come on, lets go find our seats." I tugged her arm and we jogged o ver towards the arena doors. Another part of getting meet and greet tickets was getting front row seats. Which is pretty amazing. I was so excited.

We walked through the double doors, and walked down the aisles, we kept spinning our heads round, amazed at how big it is. Within half an hour, this room will be filled with screaming girls. This was crazy. We found our seats and sat giggling and coming up with stupid scenarios that will never happen in a million years to do with the boys, like falling in love with one of them, or them even wanting to be friends with us. Crazy, but now, after really not liking them, I really wish that would happen.

Before we knew it, teenage girls started streaming in through about 30 different doors, we quickly collected together our stuff that we had sprawled across about 5 seats and sat on our own pushing our stuff underneath. Within the next 10 minutes Olly Murs was being introduced onto the stage. Everyone got up and started screaming, including me and Georgia. He performed 3 songs from his new album, which we amazing, he gets the crowd involved so much it is just so fun to be part of it.
Then Daley was introduced onto the stage, he performed 4 songs, not many people knew them, but me and Georgia were singing along to all of them, and enjoying his soulful performance.
And soon after Little Mix were on stage, they performed 5 songs from their new album. They put on such a good show, the put so much energy in and so much so much work into getting their dance routines right whilst singing the song. Amazing. And then... One Direction came one. I had never heard anything like it, the screams coming from all of the girls surrounding was astonishing, it was so loud. They greeted everyone in the arena and spoke for a little while and then they started their first song... What Makes You Beautiful...
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