Unexpected Love...

Emily, 17, really isn't a fan of One direction, but when her best friend Georgia,17 drags her of to London for a One Direction meet and greet, something happens that Emily really wasn't expecting...


11. Shopping

So we finally got further into the city centre, away from the fans and nearer the shops! Lorry had to come with us, there was no getting around that, so we got out the car and walked off ahead of him trying to keep our distance. Walking down the path we got a few stares and whispers but nothing that bad, until one girl saw us both and screamed running towards us. Me and Georgia looked at each other and cowered. Just then Lorry's deep voice shouted and stepped in front of us. I had completely forgotten about him and so had Georgia by the looks of things. He acted as a barrier between us and the screaming girl, doing his best to keep her away.
"I JUST WANT TO SAY HI AND GET A PICTURE!!" She screamed over Lorry's shoulder keeping her eyes locked on us. Me and Georgia pushed through some big doors of a kitsch boutique to keep ourselves away from the madness. This was not expected.

The girl had calmed down and realised she wouldn't be able to come near us, so stood down and hung her head in embarrassment. She walked off down the road, and I felt bad, it was one fan, and I couldn't even say hi. I suppose I was just horrified, gob smacked, shocked that someone was going crazy over me. Just an ordinary girl from nowhere.
"Woah!" Georgia said as we browsed round the boutique that offered us shelter.
"What even was that?!" I said as I laughed rethinking what had just happened.
Lorry walked through the door then, "Alrite ladies?" He asked, even though he knew we were fine.
"Thanks Lorry." Georgia said sincerely.
"Yeah thanks so much Lorry." I followed.
He gave us a quick smile "It's what I'm here for." And walked over to sit in the corner of the room. Me and Georgia carried on browsing through many shops all around London. We tried on so many items of clothing, making sure we took pictures of the extremely ugly dresses we picked out. Lorry followed us round all day with an expressionless face. I often wandered what was even going through his head, anything?

Me and Gee chose one more shop to go in, this tiny little boutique on the corner with beautiful dresses in the window.
"I think we should take all the boys out tonight Em." Georgia suggested as we walked into the shop.
"Yeah! That's a great idea!" I replied
"We should get some super nice dresses to wear, and take them somewhere super fancy!"
I laughed at her idea but nodded in agreement. We started rummaging through all the dresses on rails and chose a few to try on.

After about 45 minutes browsing round this small shop, we both started to loose hope.
"Don't give up Em! We have to find something amazing to wear!" Gee encouraged.
I carried on looking through all the rails and saw something glisten. I pulled the hanger off the rail and looked at it. "Gee!"
"Em!" We both said it in sync and turned to look at each other. She too was holding a gorgeous purple dress, and I knew she had found the perfect one too!

"That is stunning!" I said as I looked Gee up and down admiring the dress she had found and tried on.
"Yours is too Em!" She replied. A huge smile crept across my face, I loved the dress. I stood there and swished around in the floaty fabric.

We got back into our clothes and took our dresses to the counter to pay. The women smiled as she saw the dresses we had chosen. "Good choice loves." She told us.
"I know." We responded, smiling at each other. The dresses weren't even that expensive, mine was £60 and Gee's was £57. We were chuffed to bits! We walked out the shop arm in arm, Lorry in tow. The car pulled up by the curb next to us, and we all clambered in. The journey back to the hotel didn't take long, about 20 minutes, by which time it was already getting dark. There was barely any fans left, they had all had enough I suppose now. Me and Gee stopped to talk to a couple of girls, they were both 14 and huge fans of One Direction, one was really tall and skinny, she was called Jessica, and the other who was average height and slightly chubby, was Gale. When we first came over they were screaming a bit and laughing. Gee and I giggled at the girls and greeted them.
"Hey girls!" Georgia started.
"Hi!!" Gale replied.
"How are you?" I asked.
"AMAZING!" Jess screamed.
"Hey, it's not long ago we were like you!" I reminded her. "Two ordinary girls from the middle of nowhere fan girling over a group of five extremely good looking guys!"
"You're so lucky!" They told us.
"I guess we are..." Georgia responded.
The girls took a few pictures with us and we exchanged twitter names, promising to follow them. We said good bye as we walked up the stairs to the hotel. We both turned around and waved at the girls once we reached the top. They hovered for a bit, unsure what to do with themselves. Were
me and Gee really that, well known, now? This life is mental!

When we got in the lift, Lorry went to press the button to go to the twelfth floor.
"Hey! No! We wanna go back to our room please. To get changed. If that's okay? Please?" Georgia said grabbing his hand before he could press the button.
"Sure!" He said pressing the button to take us to the eighth floor instead.
When the lift stopped and the doors opened me and Gee stepped out and waved goodbye to Lorry.
"Thanks for today Lorry. We really do appreciate it!" I told him.
"Hey, it's what I do!" He replied.
Me and Gee both smiled at him, "We'll be up in a bit, tell the boys we won't be long!" Georgia asked.
The lift doors closed and me and Georgia walked down the hall way to our room in silence, thinking about today's events letting everything sink in. We got to our room and put the key in the door. The sofa practically screamed our names. So we both ran over and jumped on it, sinking into the lump cushions. I sighed, and laughed when I noticed Georgia had also sighed at the same time.

Conversation was not short when we were getting changed into our dresses.
"Where are we going to take them?" I asked Gee.
"I don't know, I know Louis loves the cookie dough from Pizza Hut, and everyone loves Pizza! But, it's a bit casual, and we would look stupid in our dresses." I told her.
"I know! We could go to that really nice looking restaurant that we saw today! You know the one I mean? Ar what's it called?!"
"Oh yeah! I know the one you mean, Mexican isn't it?"
"Yeah! And Harry loves Mexican food!" She screamed.
I laughed at her eagerness as I applied some mascara.
"BOHO MEXICA!" I shouted and stood up when he name of the restaurant popped into my head.
We both started jumping up and down holding onto each others forearms. I slammed the play button of my docking station, blasting out music. When we realised Nicki Minaj Starships was playing we got even more excited. Its just a really big guilty pleasure of mine that song!

The song finished and we both flopped down on Georgia's bed panting. We took one last glance in the mirror checking we hadn't ruined our make up and picked up our bags walking towards the door.
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