Unexpected Love...

Emily, 17, really isn't a fan of One direction, but when her best friend Georgia,17 drags her of to London for a One Direction meet and greet, something happens that Emily really wasn't expecting...


10. Relax

Emily's POV

I can't believe what just happened, Louis just confessed to his fans about us. That was so brave of him. He really must love me! We stood there for a few minutes when Harry pulled Georgia round with him from behind me and Louis.
"Seen as we are doing this now, I'd like to introduce you to Georgia. And she is my girlfriend. I agree with Louis and I too think you should all be aware. But also, Emily and Georgia mean the world to me and Louis, and we have all become really close to them." He gestured to the other boys who were stood by the door and smiled. Georgia had slowly shifted behind Harry too, trying to be out of view. She turned round and looked at me with a huge smile on my face.
"Come on, we need to go now." Pete interrupted.
We all waved at the fans as we walked off towards the mini bus. Georgia slowed down to walk next to me. I linked my arm through hers and squeezed. We said nothing but there was nothing we needed to say, we just needed to digest what had just happened. We were both so happy!

Louis' POV

That went so well! I don't know what I was expecting really, I just wanted to let them all know about me and Ems before press started making rumours and trouble. I could see my girl was happy. When we got back to the hotel we all went back up our room and chilled. We all sat down in front of the tv and watched a film. Me, Ems, Zayn and Liam sat on one sofa, Hazza, Gee and Nialler on the other. We chose to watch Taken as everyone loves that film and we didn't want to watch something too scary. It is also one of Ems' favourites. We all sat there silently for the duration of the film. At a couple of occasions I felt Ems' hold on me get tighter, every time she did, a smile spread across my face without her noticing. It was great how we could all do this together, and I am not letting girls get in the way of my friendship with the boys as they love spending time with Emily and Gee too which is great!

The film finished and we all sat up and all of us did those amazing stretches of have, like the ones you do in the morning when you wake up! I let out a chuckle as I noticed everyone doing it at the same time. Me and Liam got up and went across to think sink.
"Drinks anyone?" Liam spoke across to the others who were snuggling back up in the blankets ready for a sleep. They all agreed in sync and I sighed as a realised we had to get 7 drinks. And then I felt hands creeping round my middle from behind. Emily. I carried on pouring the drinks, coke for everyone except for me and Em, milkshake for us. I pretended not to notice her until she started giggling. I spun around when I heard her cute laugh and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back, twice, with a huge grin on her face displaying her adorable dimples. I laughed at her silliness and put my arms round her shoulders embracing her in a hug. We stood there for a second, her cheek resting on my chest. I kissed the top of her head and let go of her so I can grab the drink that Liam was unable to carry though to the others. We all sat down and watched Nialler reenact parts of the film. He started with the very familiar "I will find you, and I will kill you." We all burst out laughing at his seriousness, he pulled a disapproving face in return making us laugh even more.


Emily's POV

Then Niall did the part where Bryan says "You don't remember me? We spoke on the phone two days ago. I told you I would find you." He was thoroughly enjoying himself so we didn't stop him, even though none of us were interested, we just wanted to relax. I snuggled into Lou's side as he put his arm around me. We were both covered by a fleeced blanket, Lou's legs stretched out in front of him, mine tucked up to my chest. Lou's arm stroked up and down my back, I closed my eyes and Lou kissed the top of my head before I fell asleep in his arms.

I woke up in Lou's bed, once again wearing one of his baggy tees. I smiled to myself as I glanced out the window noticing it was getting quite light outside. I turned to face Lou who was already up and out of bed. I wandered where he was but couldn't be bothered to go and find him just yet. I closed my eyes again thinking about how perfect, my boyfriend really is. I opened y eyes when I heard the door knob being fiddled with from the other side. I climbed out of bed, giving whoever it was on the other side a hand. Georgia was stood inches away from the door when I opened it stood in what must have been one of Harry's tees, she had two drinks of orange juice in her hand which explained why she was struggling with the door. I stepped to the side gesturing her in whilst smiling. "Hey" I said as we walked over and sat on the bed.
"Hi" she replied, "the boys had to go off early, they left a note in the kitchen, Louis says he loves you." She gave me a wink as she said it. I took the glass she offered me and drank the juice. We both lay down top and tail on the bed in silence.
"Let's go out today." I suggested as a sat up sharply. "Just me and you. We have been so loved up with Lou and Haz we haven't really got a chance to do the stuff we wanted to, like go shopping. Lets go shopping!"
"Sounds great!" Georgia replied excitedly.

We rushed out the room wearing our boys' tops and our leggings that we found lying around and saw a new lankier bodyguard.
"Where you going girls?" He questioned.
"Just to our to our room to grab some fresh clothes, and the go shopping, that ok?" Gee said.
"No not really." He replied. Me and Gee looked at each other confused.
"Er why?" I asked.
"I'm not allowed to let you leave without supervision and consent from Pete."
"What? Why!"
"Well now everything is public, we need to keep you two safe as well. You might be at risk too."
"Us? Are you serious! I choked out.
"Yes." He replied quite firmly. Me and Gee burst out laughing. When we eventually calmed down we urged the new security guy to call Pete so we could hurry up and get going.

We eventually got our way from Pete and the new security guy, who's name we discovered was Lorry escorted us to our room and sat in the main social area whilst we quickly got ready. After he led us down to the hotels lobby and off through the glass doors. The screaming teenagers hit us. They weren't quite as loud as they had been the day before as we went out to Nando's but, they were bazaar. We walked over to the car that had been arranged to take us to Oxford Street and hopped in.
"Woah." Georgia said once the doors were shut. "What the hell was that?!"
"Well now you are officially the girlfriends of two of the One Direction boys, you are pretty big now too." Lorry said from the front seat.
I was just staring out the back window as we drove off round London. Eyeing all of the fans that were screaming for us. I definatley didn't expect this when I me and Lou got together.
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