Unexpected Love...

Emily, 17, really isn't a fan of One direction, but when her best friend Georgia,17 drags her of to London for a One Direction meet and greet, something happens that Emily really wasn't expecting...


12. Meeting up with the boys

Georgia stepped forward and knocked on the door. I was nervous for some reason. My best friend sensed it and squeezed my hand. It seemed like forever before Pete opened the door, but it was only a matter of seconds really.

"WOW! Girls you look, erm, INCREDIBLE!" He said looking us up and down standing in the door way.

Me and Gee just stood there giggling and pulling a few silly poses at him.

"Jeez Pete stop oggling and let me get a look at them!" Harry's voice shouted round from behind Pete. He stepped out the way and ushered us in. We both kicked off our heels and placed them neatly by the door. I walked over to Harry and gave him a quick hug, "Lou's in his room." He whispered in my ear whilst hugging, I pulled away catching his wink and gave him a cheeky slap over the arm. He laughed and composed himself again before saying, "No, but seriously, you look beautiful."

I smiled at him before giving Gee a wave and strolling over to Lou's room. As I got to the door I turned around and stared at Georgia and Harry for a minute. He was lightly holding her hand above their heads and spinning her around the spot, admiring her wearing the forest green skater dress we bought today. It had a chiffon skirt that was dotted with sequins. She really did look stunning! I smiled to myself and turned back towards Louis' bedroom door. I slowly turned the handle and pushed it open.


Louis' POV

I jumped at the sound of my door opening and then closing again. I was stressing over what I was going to wear tonight. Em had phoned earlier telling me that her and Georgia were taking us out, somewhere formal. I threw the top that was in my hand in the direction of the door in an attempt to shoo whoever it was away.

"Lou!" Emily's beautiful voice giggled. I turned around to apologise to her, but stopped in my tracks, gob smacked when I saw what she was wearing, and how gorgeous she looked. She was wearing a purple sparkly, strapless dress with a chiffon skater skirt that almost came down to the floor at the back, but mid thigh at the front.

"Wow!" Was all I could get out my mouth. I felt my cheeks redden as I remembered I was stood starring my girlfriend up and down wearing just an unbuttoned shirt and my boxers. Em walked in my direction and I reached out to her placing my hands on her hips. "You look like an angel." I told her gently placing a kiss on her natural lips. She dropped her head to the ground, smile on her face. Her long curly hair fell around her face acting as curtains. I gently lifted her face by her chin, tucking the loose hair behind her ears and stared into her eyes. "I'm so lucky to have you." I whispered in her ears.

"Why aren't you ready yet?!" She said in an effort to change the subject, I laughed and turned back around to the wardrobe. Noticing her sit on the side of the bed.

"Which ones?" I asked holding up a pair of navy chinos and black smart trousers.

"Navy." She replied pointing to the chinos and biting her lip.

"Why do you have to be so beautiful?" I asked walking towards her and planting a strong, firm kiss on her lips before she could respond. She kissed me back, standing up whilst doing so to be closer to me. Her palms were placed on my chest, my hands on the small of her back. I pulled away, resting my forehead on hers, starring at her closed eyes. "I really do need to get ready babe." I told her in a hushed tone. "Stay though?" She nodded in reply and stepped back sitting on the bed behind her.

I pulled on the navy chinos she suggested I wear, and then dug into the draw to my left pulling out a choice of braces (suspenders) . She laughed and shook her head.

"How many do you need?" She asked trying to stop herself giggling.

"Come on help!" I ushered her pretending to ignore her silliness, which didn't work when I let out a sneaky laugh.

"Navy ones, to match." She told me. So I put the rest away and attached them to my chinos after buttoning up and tucking in my white long sleeved shirt that I was wearing when she came in. "Ready." I informed her and walked over to her pulling her up from the bed. We stood there for a moment, her head snuggled into my chest, my head rested on hers, and arms wrapped around each others bodies.

"Come on," she said looking up at me, without removing her arms. "the tables booked for 7." She finished. I wrapped my arms tighter round her small body walking over to the door in the awkward position. Her arms were forced to stay by my sides as mine locked her in place. She opted to slap my bum as it was the only thing she could do in the position I had her in.

"Louis get off!" She screamed trying to hold back her laugh. She continued to slap my bum getting harder the longer I held on to her. It just made me hold her tighter.

"Come on lovebirds!" Zayn's voice shouted from the other side of the door. Me and Em laughed, looking into each others eyes.

"I love it when you laugh." I told her after composing myself. I released her body and stroked her cheek. She closed her eyes at my touch, which I then took advantage of by stealing a light kiss from her pink lips. I saw her cheeks redden as I pulled away, but grabbed her hand and opened the door with my other free hand leading her out.


Emily's POV

I was sort of baffled by what just happened, left in shock but forced to carry on. Lou held my hand tightly as we walked slowly out his room towards where the others were waiting. They all turned around and looked at us without saying anything, Liam, Zayn and Niall just stood starring at me. I shifted behind Lou feeling slightly uncomfortable in their gaze. Lou stopped me though and pulled me round in front of him. I gripped onto his arm as though it could shield me. But it didn't. I felt my cheeks redden so I dropped my head to look at the floor, my hair forming a shield around my face.

"Em! You look amazing!" Liam's familiar voice spoke aloud. I lifted my head slightly looking at him, Lou's free hand comforted me by stroking the side of my arm, giving me the confidence to lift my head higher.

"Yeah, I mean wow!" Niall agreed with Liam. A small smile formed on my lips feeling happier now I know they were starring for a good reason. Lou's arm snaked around my waist, holding me tight and close. I wriggled further into him wanting to feel really close.

Zayn was still stood starring, speechless.

"Yo Zayn!" Lou yelled trying to get his attention. "You done starring at my girlfriend yet?"

"Oh erm, yeah, sorry." He said his cheeks going pink slightly. "You look stunning Em." He added.

"Thanks." I said and give him a cheeky smile.

Harry and Gee were stood leaning against the kitchen counter, arms wrapped around each other. I winked at Gee to which she let out a small giggle. I laughed at her response and took my attention back to Lou.

"Come on babe! We need to go!" I said tugging at his arm slightly. He laughed and brushed a loose piece of hair behind my ear. We held each others gaze for a few seconds before Pete walked in.

"Cars are outside." He said blankly before walking back out the door holding it open waiting for us all to follow.

Me and Lou quickly slipped on our shoes. Everyone else had already done this whilst Lou and I were in his room. I pulled on my purple platform heels, and Lou tied the laces to his lite black and white converse.

Zayn, Liam and Niall were first out the door. Georgia and Harry soon followed hand in hand, and then me and Lou bringing up the rear, i gripped onto his left hand with both of mine, not wanting to let go. We dropped back a bit from the rest of the group as we walked through the hallways of the hotel towards the lift. Lou pulled me closer to him snaking his arm around my waist once again. I rested my head on his arm gently as we walked along past the repeating doors.

We all reached the lift and stepped in. I stood in front of Lou leaning back on him as he leant against the back of the lift, arms wrapped tightly around my body. I always feel safe around Lou, and when I'm with him, it makes me feel complete.

The lift dinged as we reached the ground floor, startling me a bit. We stood up straight and stepped out. Bracing ourselves for the fans outside. You could hear them screaming from in the lobby as we walked towards the glass doors.

Louis looked down at me. "Ready?" He asked, eyes slightly concerned.

"Yeah." I choked out. I squeezed his hand to reassure him. And then the doors opened, the screams became a hundred times louder, and the fans went slightly crazy. This would take some getting used to.
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