A Christmas Gift

Crystal live on a boarding school. When is it christmas, her parents don´t have time to come and visit her. Crystal hate christmas, but what happens if you want Christmas away?


1. A Christmas Gift

It was the day before Christmas, and Crystal has just right eaten dinner. After the dinner Crystal walked up to her room.

She was very angry because her parents won’t visit her on the boarding school, and they send only one gift to her.

 “Sometimes I wish that there was no Christmas” Crystal said.  She went to sleep so she could forget her mean parents. After a long time she finally fell asleep.

She dreamt about her parents came to bring her home, so they could be a family again. That was her only good wish, but she now it will almost be impossible.

She woke buy two girl scream.

“It`s finally Christmas”. All the other girls open their doors.

“Is it?” asks a girl.

“Yes, it is” answer another girl.

Crystal wait to all the girls went back to their rooms, so she could open her gift in peace. She doesn’t like to open her gift when there is many people around her.

She found a Christmas card on the gift and read it.


Dear Crystal

I heard you and I will grant you your wish.

From The Lady

PS. Merry Christmas…..


Crystal looked at the card. She was thinking. Who was The Lady? What wish and how does she now my name?

Crystal opens the gift. She could see a Christmas hat. She took it up from the box, but stop when she saw what it`s really was.

It was Santa Claus head, and the hole world collapsed, because without Christmas the world can`t be in balance.

She screamed so laud then she woke up. She was sweaty all over.

“OMG!!!” said Crystal. “It was just a nightmare”


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