You Rose

Sorry, Chloe but I used your characters from Moss and Ivy as inspiration for this...
Kim and Kit are identical twins, but only in looks. Their personality clashes usually gets in the way, but with baby Polly growing up and requiring attention from them aswell, will these beautiful roses wither together?


2. Nice to Meet You!


Hmm. Kim has been dopy, latley, even more depressed than usual. Who knows what's up. She's left already, I heard her slam the door. Anyway, I am Kit. I love everything that Kim hates and hate everything she loves. Simple. I have a boyfreind too, he's never had a girlfriend before, so we're both new at this dating thing. He's a total sweetheart. We're totally into the same things- reading, academic and all that stuff that Kim would probably call 'crap' or something. Who cares though? At least I have Toby. He distracts me from family life, my stropy twin sister, my distressed and depressed mother and of course Polly who I have to deal with all the time, so, as you can probably hear, my family is totally broken. I don't care though. Other parts of mt life are still good. School is still fun, but everyone still seems to hate me, and Toby's house is still cool, although his parents don't aprove of girlfreinds. Oh. Life is rubbish. I sink down stairs, I can hear mum crying again.

"Waht's wrong, mummy?" I ask her

"Nothing, honey bun, get your breakfast and leave for school. Kim has already gone." Wow, mum could actually stop crying for all of that! I placed some toast in the toaster, and waited for it to pop.


Ping, rather. I lifted it out and buttered it. I got a plate of of the almost too high shelf and ate it at the table of of the chipped thing that was our only plate. Yeah, our life is that sad. As soon as I'd finished I ran out the house, wanting to get to school.

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