You Rose

Sorry, Chloe but I used your characters from Moss and Ivy as inspiration for this...
Kim and Kit are identical twins, but only in looks. Their personality clashes usually gets in the way, but with baby Polly growing up and requiring attention from them aswell, will these beautiful roses wither together?


1. For God's Sake.


Life. This annoying thing that gets in the way of everything. If nobody lived then everything would be fine! No homework, no babies, especially ones call Polly, no GCSEs. NO NOTHING! Doesn't that sound cool? Anyway, I am Kim. I am the cool twin out of me and Kit. She's the stuck up clever sweet little flower. Well, I'm the thorn on that bush. I hate her and I hate life and I hate everything. Sorry, but I am as evil as I sound. The only person who loves me is Harry. He hates life too. We are going to run away, never go to school, and get a nice life. No more mum, no more Polly, no more school, and best of all no more Kit. I charge downstairs, already grumpy, into our cramped kitchen, to find mum, crying her eyes out, as always, while bouncing Polly on her knee. "For god's sake, what's wrong now?" I groaned. She's always so precious. It started subtely when dad died, sometimes at night, we could hear her crying in her room, the next one over from ours.Kit and I were a lot closer then... But it really hit her when Rob left her, 2 months ago. She was heavily pregnant with Polly, her and Rob's child, and two days before she was born, Rob left. No note, no goodbye, nothing. I don't really feel sorry for Mum, it's just that I knew he was trouble, me and Kit and him and me and him had soo much friction, even Kit thought about leaving home! And that's saying somthing! And why did she have to have a kid? We're in enough money troubles without another mouth to feed! Plus, she hardly ever geos to work, so we're only losing money. Selling all those drugs are getting difficult... Anyway, Polly is getting to be a stubborn little brat. Cry all day, cry all night. She never ever stops. Spoilt brat. Almost as brattish as Kit, already. As mum didn't awnser I carried on out the door with my toast in my hand, preparing to go Harry's. Play on his X-Box before school, maybe even bash out some tunes on his Drum kit or even have a go at the puch-bag in the garage. So, see you later.

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