The Celebrity Games

"May good fortune follow you wherever you go!" The celebrity games, only one rule: Kill or be killed. When the royal family took over the world, region 13 of England rebelled and in consequence, got nuked within an inch of its life. As payment for this rebellion, the royals instated The celebrity games where each year a celebrity would be chosen and the country that they're from would have to produce two female or male competitors to compete in a chosen arena, fighting to the death. As a prize for surviving, they get to marry the chosen celebrity. But this year is going to be so different...


10. The interview

My prep team had finished and left me looking like a fresh, clean slate. Neatly brushed and washed silky smooth hair, no random unwanted hair anywhere else, cleansed spot-free face, neutral makeup on, scrubbed and filed nails and sweet pine smelling skin. Gok had just come in to talk me through the dress I was going to wear for the interview with Sebastian Diamond.

"I want to carry on the water theme." he began, settling down on the bubblegum pink couch facing me. "But this time you'll start off with water. That's why I've designed this dress for you..."

As he spoke, he gestured behind me as if he meant for me to turn and take a look. Obliging, I turned to see the wooden panelling sliding back into the wall next to it, revealing the most breath taking dress I had ever seen. It was a darkish blue strapless, back less, floor-length dress which was covered in tiny blue sapphires which made it look as if it was covered in tiny droplets of water-like it had just been rained on.

"Gok, this is... Wow, I can't even speak..." I gasped, reeling from the sight of it, rendering me speechless

"Its designed just for you, hun. Go on, try it on for me." He coaxed, walking over to where it hung and took it off the rail, handing it to me and helping me zip it up at the back. When I put it on, I found out it was very fitted so it showed off every good curve on my body, making me feel more confident about myself then I ever had done before. The dress clung to me so well that it looked like a part of my skin, a clear material just on the edges of the dress was dotted with gradually depleting sapphires which gave it the effect of it fading into my body. When it caught the light, the colours rippled like water on a pond. Gok then handed me a delicate pair of glass high-heeled shoes, slipping them onto my feet gently and tugging at them slightly to make sure they wouldn't fall off.

"I... I don't know what to say, Gok." I praised, staring down at the ground. To be completely honest, I loved it. I was pretty, but it was all Gok and my prep team's work that got me like this.

"Just save all your words for your interview later. Now, get your makeup done and I'll see you in half an hour to do your hair." He said, giving me a gentle push towards a door marked 'prep room' that I had just come out of twenty minutes earlier.

I have to admit, my prep team are probably the best at putting makeup on in the whole empire. When they had finished, I didn't recognise myself. On my cheeks was a light baby pink blusher, my lips were also the same colour with just a hint of a silver shimmer on them. For me eyes, they had given me dark black mascara that made my eyelashes look huge, a think dark blue line of eyeliner and a powdering of eye shadow that was just a few shades lighter than the eyeliner itself.

Over the course of this I had learnt that the pink haired lady was called Patrice, the blonde haired guy Yosef and the other guy was called Garvey. I didn't really want to ask as I had known them for a few days without really learning their names, but I just picked it up as they called out to each other, nattering away like usual. As they exited the room, Gok waltzed in, smiling even brighter than he did before.

"Honey, you look beautiful." He exclaimed, curling the last stand of hair and proudly admiring his handiwork. He had curled my hair into tiny individual little curls, bringing quite a few strands of hair from the front round to the back, leaving my fringe and little side bits at the front. He then had clipped the hair he brought round together with a beautiful silver clip embedded with tiny navy sapphires along the edge. As a final touch, from one of his many pockets he produced the crystal necklace and placed it around my neck.

"Gok..." I murmured, looking up at him.


"What if this all goes to pot? What if they hate me? How am I meant to stand out in there?"

"Fran, calm yourself. What I usually do in those situations is show off my clothes. Give them a twirl, I'm sure it will bring up a storm."


"Definitely. Seriously, they'll love it; trust me on this." He reassured me, patting me on the back and leading me to the studio where 'The Diamond show' is filmed; that's where we were going to be interviewed.

As soon as we stepped a foot in the studio, I was whisked away and prepared for what was going to happen. We were all going to line up in region order in the order we were picked (I would be second-to-last) then we would each be allocated a ten minute slot for an interview where we would have to use our chosen approach to the best of our abilities to try and gain fans. The fans would, in the arena, send us gifts of whatever they thought would help you survive. It could be a double edged sword, though. Fans have been known to pretend to support one competitor then assassinate them just to help their real favourite survive.

By now, I was standing in the queue, supposedly in front of Nicole who still wasn't here yet and right behind a girl from region 11. Tapping on her shoulder, I smiled brightly and introduced myself.

"Hey, I'm Francesca Bonner, but everyone just calls me Fran." I grinned, determined to make as many friends as I could in this thing.

"Oh, hi! My name is Sashi. Sashi Lai Maka... But just call me Sashi." She smiled back, her black hair swishing around her shoulders. Her stylist had gone for a playful purple number, a spaghetti strapped flowing dress that reached all the way down to her knees, the purple getting darker as it descended. Her shoes had a medium heel, probably about four inches and were sandal-like, the straps reaching just below her knee, so when the sandals stopped, the dress started. Her midnight black hair had been straightened and one side at the front had been clipped back with a small lilac bow, the same colour as the top of her dress. All this complemented her tanned skin perfectly and set off a vibe of a pretty tomboy who's been forced into a dress but suites it anyway.

"Can I call you Sash?" I asked, fiddling with my necklace.

"Sure! Hey, tell you what, I'm bricking it about going out there on that stage tonight..."

I smiled, knowing the feeling. "Yeah, I feel the same. At least we're close to the end so we can see what other people do before we have to go on."

"Yeah, but that just means we have to wait longer!"

"Well if you faint out there, you'll be the third person that has!" I laughed, Sash joining in nervously. We talked for a while until Nicole showed up, wearing an orange-y red dress, studded with tiny rubies that fitted at the top then when it hit the waist, poofed out giving the dress a fairy-tale princess feel. To add to that, her waist-long dirty blonde hair had been loosely curled, just so it was wavy and in her hair was a blood red flower, the leaves a pale green. Around her neck, she too had her almost identical crystal necklace which she fiddled with constantly.

"Nicole, why are you so late?" I asked, spotting the confused look across her face.

"Well, I set off when I was supposed to, making great time and all when about a billion security guards blocked my path telling me I had to wait for a few minutes without telling me why. When I asked why I couldn't go, they just said they couldn't tell me and stayed silent for at least around eight minutes then all rushed down the hall." She recalled. I'm sure both Sash and I's faces mirrored the look of bewilderment on Nicole's. "Strange, eh?"

"Curious..." Sash murmured, staring off into the distance, presumably trying to imagine what it could've been. However, I knew better.

"Elementary my dear friends. What you witnessed there, Nicole was no phenomenon. In fact, I can deduce that it was One Direction coming to the studio to perform or such like on the Sebastian Diamond show." I explained in my best Sherlock Holmes voice, waving my imaginary pipe in the air as I produced my theory.

"Yeah, you're probably right. I can't think of any other reason." Nicole admitted, a wash of realisation flooding her face.

"Ha, that's clever thinking, Fran. It'd be good to have you as an ally in the arena. With a wit like that and my awesome sword fighting skills, we're in for a good chance!" Sash suggested, raising her eyebrows in questioning. "So, what do you say?"

"I'm in, just as long as a girl from 10 can join us too?"

"Yeah, sure! I have one other ally too, so we should be fine."

"Oh, who's that?" I asked, slightly wary of people I didn't know joining our alliance. Mind you, Sash had let Jasmin in freely so maybe I should give the girl a chance...

"Just a girl from region 1. Her name's Caitlin and she's 17. She's probably one of the best blade wielders I know and can build a sturdy shelter in just minutes." Sash beamed, proud to be allies with this girl. To be quite honest, she sounded alright and a sound ally. With that I smiled and nodded, sending Sash to laugh and draw me into a quick hug.

Suddenly, chaos erupted; people were rushing about shouting directions as none other than Sebastian Diamond strolled past us, giving us a cheery smile and a wave.

"Good luck girls for tonight! Knock 'em dead!" He shouted over his shoulder as he walked through the door which was the entrance to the stage as the theme tune played and the crowd went wild. On a TV monitor next to me I could see him talking to the audience, whipping them up into a frenzy then calming them down until they were as calm as a summer's breeze.

"Right, girls. The first one of you guys are about to go on. When I signal to each of you, walk on, smile and do your thing. You've seen the show before, you know how it works so go out there and break a leg!" The studio manager yelled at us over the hustle and bustle of backstage. As the first girl went on, I could see the crowd going mental, clapping and cheering for someone they hadn't even seen before the harvesting. She was actually quite pretty with porcelain skin, big brown eyes and amazing brown hair that when it caught the light, shone a brilliant shade of red. Her stylist had chosen an emerald green dress, the colour identical to Sebastian Diamond's hair. The silky green dressed swished about the bottom of her knees as she stepped shyly to the brilliant white sofa in the middle of the stage which was opposite an equally brilliant white armchair that was occupied by the grinning Sebastian. Her dress only had one sleeve that flowed loosely all the way down to her wrist, while the other side was strapless. It fitted snugly around her cleavage then flowed out as if she was wearing an emerald sea.

"Hey, so what's your name?" I heard Sebastian ask, leaning forward and giving a comforting smile.

"I'm Caitlin. Caitlin Rosemary Scotts." She laughed, seeming to take the giggly, fun-loving approach.

I raised an eyebrow. So this was the amazing Caitlin that was to be my ally? She seemed alright and didn't have that wild look in her eyes that all fangirls did. I would just have to see what she can do in training tomorrow.

Next for the interveiw was Glorie, her golden hair in a flawless messy bun, her dress a sparkly pink barbie dress, all girly and puffy. All the way through her interview, she was giggling and tossing her hair so much I thought she would seriously injure her neck. Her smile was so fake I thought I would throw up; thankfully I didn't however as that would've completely ruined my dress...

I zoned out after that, shuffling along, finally snapping back into reality just as Jasmin strutted out onto the stage to start her interview. She looked amazing. Her hair had been plaited into a side fishtail plait that snaked onto her right shoulder. She was dressed in a loosely fitted black floor-length dress, a small slit cut just so her left leg could be seen up to her knee. It had short t-shirt type sleeves and was backless, with just a few gold diamonte scattered around the edges of the dress. To complete the look she had sparkly gold six inch high heels on and a variety of gold bracelets on both wrists.

After her interview was over, there were only the two people from 11 before I had to go on. My heart was pumping blood round my body so fast I was surprised I didn't start smashing atoms like the hydron super collider up in sweden.

At the moment, Sash was just being interviewed, she was laughing and chatting with Sebastian and the crowd evidently loved her. I had noticed that Sebastian was probably the best presenter for the job. As soon as the girls sat down, he calmed their nerves and boosted their performance by nudging them in the right direction, asking them all the right questions. After all, it was his job to help us gain fans but you sort of forgot that when you watched the show. All you saw was a potential winner and an awesome show host.

"Right, love. You're on in two minutes." The stage manager told me gently, trying to reassure me with a smile but all it did was got me even more wound up. Adrenaline was pumping through my body, my fight or flight instincts kicking in. Of course I wouldn't run away though, I would stand tall and fight this beast until I keeled over from exhaustion and blood loss.

"Go break a leg!" Nicole whispered to me, giving me encouragement. Turning round I gave her a quick hug and placed a hand on the door, ready to open it when the time came. I could hear Sebastian talking to the audience, warming them up for me so it potentially wouldn't cause the most awkward silence ever.

"Right, Ladies and Gentlemen of London, this is our second-to-last competitor and this little lady has already got herself known around the world for her bravery and latest stunning feat at the competitor parade along with her fellow regional competitor, Nicole Bartlett." He explained, introducing me to the crowd. Quite a lot of people had already caught on to who he was talking about and had started clapping and cheering profusely. "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Miss Francesca Bonner, or as all you know her, THE WATER GIRL!" He finished, yelling that last sentence. That's when I got my cue to open the door and step out.

The audience were in a frenzy, standing up, clapping and whooping so loud I feared for their lungs. As I stepped along the stage, praying to God I wouldn't trip and make a fool out of myself, I gave a cheery wave to the people in the audience. About halfway point I gave the room a cheeky wink and an even cheekier smile and in return received quite a few laughs. Reaching Sebastian, he took my hand, gave it a light kiss (with a few surprised gasps from the audience) and sat down, slightly pulling on my hand so I sat down on the sofa opposite him.

"So, Francesca how are you finding our lovely city?" He asked, promptly starting off the interview and like magic, the audience went so quiet you could hear a pencil drop.

"Its brilliant! From what I've seen, its got a lot of buildings." I replied honestly, sticking with my approach of just being myself.

"Oh, and what have you seen?"

"The view from my window." I stated, earning a fair few laughs from the audience. Man, these guys had strange humour, but whatever floats their goat!

"Oh, Francesca. You're too charming." Sebastian chortled, slapping his thigh.

"Just call me Fran! All my friends do." I told Sebastian, smiling cheerily. Turning to the audience, I beamed brightly. "That goes for you guys too. I think the only people the call me Francesca are my parents and mean people... I don't really get on with mean people. They're too mean." I admitted to them, gaining even more people in the laughing fest that seemed to be going on. Maybe its just royalist humour?

"Alright Fran!" Sebastian chirped, calming the audience down. "So, that was one stunning show at the competitor parade."

"Thanks, I was so worried that I was going to fall off that chariot."

"What was it like to be water?"

"Its was calming yet empowering. I think having all these guys"-I swept my hand across the audience-"loving it really helped me." I beamed, still looking out into the audience. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of Gok who nodded at me and twirled his finger around in a circle. I knew what I had to do. "Hey, Sebastian!"


"I'm wearing the water today too. Would you guys like me to show you?" I shouted out to the crowd and got clapping and cheering in response. Smiling, I got out of my seat and started twirling around, my arms above my head in a ballerina-esque pose. Suddenly, the bottom of my dress became one giant wave and swept across the stage, like a ripple on the surface of a pond. After a few milliseconds, it came rushing back, repeating the process until I finally stopped spinning. I hadn't realised it before but the audience in their seats were going absolutely bonkers, jumping about and standing on their seats, cheering their lungs out. Feeling kind of dizzy, I stumbled backwards towards Sebastian and the seat and he guided me towards the seat, his hands on my shoulders.

"That was amazing. Truly amazing. Thank you for showing us that, Fran. Thank you!" He cried, smilling like a lunatic. "Now, your fellow competitor from region 12..."

"Oh, you mean Nicole? We're absolutely best buds. For the time that I've known her, we've become really close. I wouldn't dream of hurting her, even in the arena."

"Well, that causes a problem, as you know there can't be two winners from the same region."

"I'll tackle that obstacle when it slams me in the face. Then I have more time to think about it." I laughed, attempting to lighten the mood of the room. I hadn't realised it until now, but everyone had tensed up in their seats.

"Alright then, Fran your interview's almost finished." He informed me sadly, a collaborative 'aww' escaped from the people down below. "But we do have time for one more question!"

"Make it a good'un!" I joked, pointing both my index fingers at him in a cheeky manner.

"So, Fran. Your final question is..."-a drumroll started-"Who is your favorite One Direction boy?"

"Oh, Sebastian. I don't have one! I think of them all equally. Plus, I don't know them at all so how can I choose who to like best? For all I know the one I would've picked could be the meanest person ever and I wouldn't know!"

"Some wise closing words from Fran there! Well, thanks for being on this show, today Fran!"

"Thank you for so graciously having me as a guest! I have to say, your backstage runs like clockwork and these sofas... How do you keep them so white?" I laughed, patting the couch I was sitting on.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Francesca Bonner, the water girl!" He shouted, grabbing my hand and standing up, pulling me along with him. Holding it aloft above his head, I smiled graciously and let the audience clap for a bit before I gave Sebastian a hug and walked off through the door opposite to the one I had entered through on the other side of the stage.

Thank God that was over and they like me... Now, only Nicole's left to go and we're done.
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