The Celebrity Games

"May good fortune follow you wherever you go!" The celebrity games, only one rule: Kill or be killed. When the royal family took over the world, region 13 of England rebelled and in consequence, got nuked within an inch of its life. As payment for this rebellion, the royals instated The celebrity games where each year a celebrity would be chosen and the country that they're from would have to produce two female or male competitors to compete in a chosen arena, fighting to the death. As a prize for surviving, they get to marry the chosen celebrity. But this year is going to be so different...


11. The duet

Turning to a screen beside me, I started to concentrate on Nicole's interview. By now she was just about to show off her fire.

"Yes, Sebastian. I'm wearing them today too. I'm guessing you guys would like to see?" She asked, beaming at everyone in the studio. The crowd burst into cheers and applause as she stood up, pressed the flower in her hair and jumped up into the air. As she landed her flower ignited, the fire tricking down her hair, winding through it without leaving a single scorched molecule. Finally it wound down her torso, completely engulfing the bottom part where it puffed out. She stood there for a minute, letting everyone take in the marvellous sight then jumped a second time and all the fire just... Disappeared.

The crowd went wild, about the same amount as they had done for me (although no-one stood up on their seats this time...). I smiled and clapped a little myself; Nicole's stylist had really outdone themselves.

"Wow, that was also amazing, Nicole. You and Fran make quite the team!" Sebastian applauded once Nicole had sat back down.

"Thanks Sebastian! I just wish we could be a team, but I know we can't. She really deserves to win, she's so amazing. We're basically sisters." She admitted, blushing a little and getting a collective 'Awwh' from the whole room. I could tell she was going for the cute approach.

"I'm sure if the rules were changed then you could win together." Sebastian comforted, patting her hand. "And I'm sure she feels the same."

"Yeah, we made a pact not to kill each other, no matter what." She told the room shyly, a collection of shocked gasps and sympathetic coos and releases of breaths erupted from the audience.

"Well, the time is almost up, but I just have time for one last question."

"Ok, fire away!" She grinned. Laughing at her little pun, I saw the crowd catching on too.

"Who's your favourite one direction lad?"

"Niall!" She cried excitedly, then quickly covered her mouth, looking embarrassed. "Oops, did I say that out loud?" She asked, cringing under the bright stage lights. Finally, her interview was over and as she exited the stage, I ran up to her and gave her a massive hug.

"Nicole, that was amazing!" I giggled, holding her at arms length.

"What are you talking about? Yours was way better! I was getting buzzed up, trying to follow your interview!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. That's about the time I noticed what was happening on the screen I was watching previously. Sebastian was interviewing five very recognisable familiar figures.

"Uh, Nicole... Look at the screen." I whispered, pointing towards the mentioned object.

"Oh my Glob." She murmured, rushing towards it, starting intently.

I was about to go over to it too when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning round to face this mysterious person, I found out that it was one of the runners from before.

"Hey, Fran. The boys are about to sing a song to five contestants so would you and Nicole like to be two of them?" She asked, her blonde ponytail swishing as she talked.

"WOULD I?!" Nicole yelled, hearing the lady and jumping over, a wide grin plastered on her face from ear to ear.

"Yeah, sure. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anyone." I laughed. The lady nodded and wrote something down on her notepad.

"Ok, Nicole. You're with Niall and Fran, you're with Harry. OK?" She said, pointing her pen at each of us in turn.

"Alright. So we'll just stay here then?"

"Yes. I'll go and get the others... Wait here." She ordered over her shoulder as she ran off.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Nicole screamed, jumping around in a circle. I furrowed my eyebrows, I was getting scared. Nicole was becoming more fangirl like every day she spent at this place.

"Uh, Nicole..." I said, tapping her on the shoulder. She stopped and looked at me, and for a sudden I was taken aback by the wild fire that flared in her eyes, full of wrath and lust. It only lasted a millisecond, but I saw it there, it was unmistakable. Her eyes quickly went back to normal in a flash.

"Yeah, Fran?"

"Fangirling much?" I joked, flashing her a cheeky grin.

"Oops, I guess I just wasn't thinking!" She giggled, a hand over her mouth.

The runner came back then with three other girls. One was Jasmin, who I ran over to and gave her a big hug, and the other two were people I didn't recognise. The first girl had brilliant electric blue eyes and beach blonde hair with red highlights in it that gave it a sci-fi look. It actually looked great on her. She was dressed in a light blue dress that matched her eyes. It was a strapless dress that finished off at mid-thigh, the material bunching into flowers at around abdomen height. Her blonde hair was perfectly straight except for a small plait on the left side of her head.

The second girl also had beach blonde hair that had been dip-dyed purple and curled loosely, a small purple flower clipping back her fringe, giving her a small quiff. Her dress was the same colour as her purple dip-dye. It had one strap that was adorned with sparkly diamonds. It was fitted at the top then flowed out at the hips, bunching up in ruffles at one side while staying silky straight at the other.

"Hey, my name is Alexandra Vay Mullins, but you can call me Alex." The first girl said, sticking out her hand for me to shake. She had a scouse accent, sounding like most of my family. I anticipate she's from region 9. Taking it warmly, I smiled at her and introduced myself and the others.

"Oh, and I'm Janel Scott. Well, Janel Michelle Scott to be precise." The other girl with purple dip-dye smiled shyly. I gave her a friendly smile back at her, trying to make her feel more comfortable. She had a faint irish accent from region 6 up in Northern Ireland.

"So guys, who are you signed up for?" I asked, joking a little.

"Liam! Yeah boy!" Jasmin whooped, causing us all to laugh.

"I have Zayn." Janel grinned, fiddling with her elbow-length hair. "He's pretty fit, but I'm not sure I fancy him completely..."

"Yeah, I have Louis. He's MEGA lush." Alex giggled, fanning her face.

"Alright, girls. Get ready, you're on in 6 minutes." The lady told us, ushering us towards the side of the door we had all exited and down a set of stairs until we were underneath the stage. There we found five separate tubes which all had our names on it. Finding my name, I stepped into the tube in the middle, Alex and Nicole beside me. Quickly, the runner darted into our tubes, gave us an ear piece and turned on our pack microphones that had been turned off at our exit of the studio stage.

"Wait, why is the mic being switched back on? Why do we need these ear pieces? ...We're only being sung to, right?" I asked, confused at her actions.

"Oh, yeah. You're going to sing with your assigned one direction boy. We did some background checks on you all and you all can sing. You especially. That's why we put you with Harry."

"But... I don't know any of their songs!" I protested as she started to leave.

"You'll know this one... Trust me." She dismissed, rushing off to Alex.

Suddenly a male voice in my ear started to speak, "Alright girls, I'll go like this. First Alexandra will go up and sing a duet with Louis, then Nicole with Niall, Janel with Zayn, Jasmin with Liam and then finally Fran with Harry. OK?"

I smirked, they were saving the best until last. Well, I say the best but I know I'm no whitney houston. Harry is by far the most popular amongst fans and fangirls alike so they would keep him last to build up the tension.

"After all of that, you guys will be serenaded as a group by the boys and then the show will finish and you can all go to your rooms." The man finished, only saying one last thing. "Alexandra, you're on in 10 seconds. Your song with Louis is 'The one that I want' from Greece, which just happens to be his favourite film and yours too, so you should be fine with singing it. Good luck."

After that, one by one (with considerable gaps between them) the girls were being lifted up onto the stage to perform with their assigned boy. All I could focus on was what would I be singing and running through a mental list of all the songs I knew; none of which were any One Direction ones. But then again, none of their songs were duets as far as I knew.

"Alright, Fran. You're on in 10 seconds. Your song is 'Hit me with your best shot' mixed with 'one way or another'. You'll be singing the 'hit me with your best shot' parts while Harry's singing 'one way or another'. I believe you've heard this before, so it should be fine." The man told me as I slowly elevated up towards the stage floor. Smoke covered my entrance so they couldn't see me just as I was appearing, but as soon as the top of my head poked out of the trap door, the music started playing and the audience started going crazy, realising who I was and who was about to sing with me (although I think they were more excited by the fact Harry Styles was singing now).

The song went perfectly, without a hitch. The audience, for one, loved it and I didn't find it too bad either.

The serenade, however was a little awkward. Harry kept on touching my hands and waist and looking deep into my eyes. I played along, just for the audience and the many TV cameras that were streaming this around the empire, but I couldn't stop thinking about Matisse the whole way through. What would he think about this? I mean, we weren't exactly a couple, it wasn't allowed. Especially now I was in the games...

At the end of it all, we were about to be ushered off when Harry drew me into a hug.

"What the-" I muttured, confused. Harry, however cut me off.

"Shush, just pretend to give me a hug. I don't have time to explain now, just meet me on the roof tonight at midnight. Don't bring anyone-be ALONE." He whispered into my ear, pulling away. Flashing me a sincere look, I was whisked off the stage.

What could he possibly want with me? How could I ever help him? I was only out in London for a few days before going into the games. Then I would be helpless. Looking at the clock in the lift on my way up to our floor, I saw it was 11pm. Enough time to eat and get changed.

The lift 'dinged' to show we had arrived and I set off to the kitchen to grab myself something. Tonight had been long and I could tell it was going to get even longer...
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